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Top 20 Recycled Crafts for Eco-Friendly Fun: Sustainable DIY

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Searching for crafts that utilize recycled materials and promote sustainability? Look no further!

As a dedicated upcycling expert, I’ve explored countless projects and handpicked the most innovative and eco-friendly ideas just for you.

Dive into this fun-filled listicle, where I’ll showcase the best sustainable crafts to inspire your creativity and help you make a positive impact on the environment.

Keep scrolling to embark on this upcycling adventure together!

Key Takeaways

  • Sustainable crafts help reduce waste and promote environmental consciousness.
  • Upcycling projects can be fun, engaging, and therapeutic.
  • Crafting with recycled materials is cost-effective and resourceful.
  • Sustainability-focused crafts can be a great way to educate children about environmental responsibility.

Head over and join the fun in these 20 easy DIY crafts…

20 Easy & Fun Crafts From Recycled Materials

Are you ready to POP?! Get started with my favorite: #1 DIY Seed Bomb…

#1 DIY Seed Bomb: Colorful Garden Boosters

Ready to give your garden a colorful boost?

These DIY projects are designed to help you embrace your inner eco-warrior while creating stunning pieces. Get ready to craft your way to a more sustainable lifestyle!

see bombs

#2 Upcycled Desk Organizer: Clutter-free Workspace

Is your workspace cluttered beyond belief?

This upcycled desk organizer from Mod Podge Rocks will have you smiling ear to ear as you transform chaos into a beautifully organized haven. Who knew recycling could look this good?

#3 Recycled Chalkboard Valentine Tin

When I was young, I discovered the joy of transforming old tins into something special.

One of my favorite crafts was turning a simple tin into a recycled chalkboard Valentine tin (DIY Candy).

To this day, I can’t get enough of this nostalgic masterpiece that brings love and memories to life – join me in the fun…

#4 Altoids Tin Tic-Tac-Toe: Tiny Fun Reimagined

Have an old Altoids tin lying around? Turning Clock Back’s tic-tac-toe project is perfect for you! Who would’ve thought that this tiny tin could be transformed into hours of entertainment?

#5 Recycled Tee Scarf: Cozy and Stylish Upcycling

Want to give new life to those worn-out tees? She Saved’s recycled tee scarf is just the ticket. Stay cozy and stylish while reducing waste with this fabulous DIY project!

#6 Sunflower Clothespin Wreath: Springtime Splendor

Welcome spring in style with Craftbits’ sunflower clothespin wreath.

A study by DeokJu Kim found that “a combined physical activity, arts and crafts, and recreational program…had positive effects on the health of the elderly and provided evidence for managing their health. [1][2]”

Embrace the joy of crafting and experience the positive effects on your well-being…

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#7 Upcycled Tin Can Vase with Old Maps: Wanderlust Décor

When I was a teenager, I discovered my love for travel and upcycling through a remarkable craft project. I stumbled upon this upcycled tin can vase decorated with old maps from Somewhat Simple.

This project not only catered to my travel enthusiasm but also introduced me to the world of home decor crafts.

Grab a couple of old tins and join the fun…

#8 Dollar Tree Beach Shell Nautical Planter: Seaside Vibes

Dreaming of the beach? Bring the seaside vibes to your home with this dollar tree beach shell nautical planter by Craftbits.

It’s a shore thing that you’ll adore this eco-friendly creation!

#9 Bee Craft for Kids: Buzzworthy Recycling Fun

Buzzing with excitement for your next DIY project? Simple Everyday Mom’s bee craft for kids is not only adorable but also a great way to teach children about the importance of recycling.

#10 Magazine Collage: Vibrant Eco-Art

Collage your heart out with Mod Podge Rocks’ magazine collage tutorial. Transform your old magazines into a vibrant work of art that’ll leave you feeling eco-satisfied!

#11 DIY Tie-Dye Headbands: Sustainable Accessories

Want to accessorize sustainably? DIY Candy’s tie-dye headbands are the perfect solution. Create a colorful and earth-friendly statement piece for your wardrobe!

#12 Recycled Cardboard Tube Lorax Craft: Dr. Seuss Goes Green

Dr. Seuss fans, rejoice! Artsy Momma’s recycled cardboard tube Lorax craft is an adorable way to bring the environmental message to life.

#13 Bee Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Adorable Recycling Fun

Toilet paper rolls find new purpose in Simple Everyday Mom’s bee toilet paper roll craft. This cute creation will have your heart a-buzz with delight!

#14 Recycled K-Cup Lorax Craft: Coffee Pod Creativity

Coffee lovers, unite! Artsy Momma’s recycled K-cup Lorax craft gives new life to those empty pods, turning them into adorable eco-friendly art.

#15 Bottle Cap Magnet Ladybugs: Charming Eco-Fridge Décor

Give your fridge a dose of charm with these recycled bottle cap magnet ladybugs from Suburbia Unwrapped. They’re cute, functional, and eco-friendly.

#16 Recycled CD Ladybugs: Garden Buzz with Sustainability

Can’t get enough of those lovely ladybugs? Crafts by Amanda’s recycled CD ladybugs will have your garden buzzing with excitement and sustainability.

Excited to transform your old CDs into ladybugs with Magic? Launch into this video…

#17 DIY Recycled Bottle Flower Vase: Eco-Friendly Home Décor

All Things Mamma’s DIY recycled bottle flower vase craft breathes new life into old bottles, creating beautiful and eco-friendly home décor.

#18 Plant Markers from Recycled Keys: Garden Memory Boosters

Unlock your inner eco-artist with Crafts by Amanda’s plant markers made from recycled keys. You’ll never forget what you planted again!

#19 Easy Upcycled Scrapbook: Cherished Eco-Memories

Upcycle your memories with Suburbia Unwrapped’s easy upcycled scrapbook. Combine cherished memories and eco-friendliness in a one-of-a-kind creation that’ll warm your heart.

#20 Paper Pulp Tray: Stylish Sustainability

Who knew paper pulp could be so stylish? Creative Jewish Mom’s paper pulp tray made from recycled crafting paper is a testament to the beauty of upcycling.

Not only does it look fantastic, but it also serves as a reminder of the power of sustainability.


What are some popular crafts that utilize recycled materials?

Popular crafts include paper mache, bottle cap art, newspaper weaving, plastic bottle planters, and tin can lanterns.

How does using recycled materials promote sustainability?

It reduces waste, conserves resources, and lowers the environmental impact of creating new products.

Where can I find recycled materials for my crafts?

Materials can be found at home, in local recycling centers, in thrift stores, or through online swap communities.

What are some tips for creating eco-friendly crafts?

Choose non-toxic materials, minimize waste, use energy-efficient tools, and share your creations to inspire others.


Crafts that utilize recycled materials and promote sustainability have become an integral part of my life since my teenage years.

That upcycled tin can vase decorated with old maps from Somewhat Simple not only ignited my passion for travel but also inspired me to explore more eco-friendly DIY projects.

Today, I continue to cherish these creative and sustainable crafts, knowing that I’m contributing to a better, greener world while enjoying every step of the process.

Don’t go yet – Tell me all about your fun in the comments below!

Until next time…



1. Kim D. The effects of a combined physical activity, recreation, and art and craft program on ADL, cognition, and depression in the elderly. Journal of Physical Therapy Science [Inteary efficacy study. Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer [Internet]. 2023 [cited 2023 Mar 14];31:152. Available from: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36746805/

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