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8 Fun and Simple Indoor Activities for Seniors (With Videos)

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Indoor games are great for seniors. They provide some mental and physical exercise that they need to stay fit.

Research has shown that regular exercise can help slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other brain-related health conditions [1]

So make sure you try out these great indoor activities for seniors to keep them healthy and young.

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1. Dancing

Studies have shown that dancing helps recondition the brain in seniors [2]. It also serves as a great way to exercise in order to maintain their physical well-being.

While not all forms of dancing are recommended,

there are many that can still be done that involve gentle movements that won’t stress tissues to the point of injury.

Dancing indoor activity for seniors

Some dances that come highly recommended are:

  • Line dancing
  • Waltz
  • Foxtrot
  • Some forms of jazzercise

OR you can have them simply move to the beat of any music that they like. They can even do it while seated, which is perfect for those with mobility issues!

Check out this 8-minute low-impact dance video designed especially for seniors by clicking here.

2. Mind Games

Mind games are known to provide mental stimulation [3] in aging individuals. These help delay or even prevent the onset of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Have your seniors do crossword puzzles, sudoku, or other forms of word puzzles and logic games that will help keep those brain cells active!

Try checking this video about brain games for seniors below.

3. Arts and Crafts

Having your seniors get involved in art projects like painting, or crafts like scrapbook making are fun ways that bring out their creativity and encourage them to socialize.

senior Scrapbooking

Again, not only does this bring out their creative juices but it also encourages mental stimulation necessary to delay, if not prevent, the onset of degenerative conditions like dementia.

Check other crafts for seniors with limited dexterity!

This video also demonstrates some easy-to-do crafts that even your seniors can do in their homes.

4. Board Games and Card Games

Organize poker nights, Scrabble days, math board games, or Mahjongg hours for your senior groups.

Many of these games are actually forms of mental stimulation since they do encourage creating strategies in order to win the games.

Even better is the fact that they are actually lots of fun! They encourage social interaction too!

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5. Movie Nights

With the many platforms that offer online streaming of movies, both old and new, you can always try to organize movie nights.

Another alternative is to show home movies and videos to bring back all those sweet memories from the past.

Seniors watching a movie

While you’re at it, you can bring out the popcorn and soda for treats too!

6. Cooking and Baking

Cooking and baking are activities that not only relieve elderly individuals of stress and boredom but also assure them that they are getting the proper nutrition that they need from the food that they make.

They can even choose recipes from many online resources that suit their palate. Even better is the fact that all preparations are done following proper hygiene practices.

Of course, the gatherings that come during mealtimes are par for the course!

7. Group Exercises

Physical activity [4] is a must for any age group, but most especially for aging individuals. The benefits that come with exercise cannot simply be stressed enough and all these have been shown through years of research.

Low-impact aerobics that have simple steps are a great way to keep your seniors physically active.

Other exercises, like yoga and taichi, use slow movements that aren’t too tiring or difficult for seniors to follow.

There are also group chair exercises for those who have mobility issues. The important thing is to encourage movement which will keep them energized throughout the day.

women having chair seated yoga exercises

Check out this One Mile Happy Walk video, an exercise that makes use of simple walking movements that are easy for any senior to do.

8. Simple Gatherings

Organize simple get-togethers or dinners and have your seniors sit together for chats over food and drinks.

Reliving old memories is a great way to relieve them from stress, especially when it’s amongst close friends, peers, and family.

Seniors in an informal gathering

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My mom is in her mid-80s and she loves to crochet and knit. Should I encourage her?

By all means, yes! Crafts like knitting and crocheting are, in fact, encouraged since they help seniors keep mentally active.

Can a senior still get into some form of physical exercise?

Again, the answer to this is YES. Seniors are encouraged to engage in physical activities to keep their muscles and bones strong.

What are some of the recommended exercises for seniors?

Low impact areas are best for seniors. Check out taichi classes or yoga for seniors. Movements in these exercises focus on balance and flexibility which need to be maintained throughout life.

In Conclusion

While aging may be a difficult phase in anyone’s life, it doesn’t have to be sad or boring.

It may be true that activities will be more limited compared to activities that could be done during the prime of their lives. Still, with present technology, there are many ways that have allowed seniors to adapt to a different yet interesting lifestyle.

Life can begin at any age. Age is just a number after all.


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What are your favorite indoor activities for seniors? Let us know in the comments below!

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