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14 Great Activities and Games for Visually Impaired Seniors!

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Games for visually impaired seniors can help make these individuals feel part of a community.

Visual impairment may often lead to feelings of seclusion and exclusion from society, so it is vital to keep visually impaired seniors socially engaged with other individuals.

While choosing activities for them may be pretty difficult, there are still many options to pick from.

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4 Activities Visually Impaired Seniors Can Do To Keep Active & Motivated

Being visually impaired doesn’t mean that life has to be limited. There are many activities that visually impaired seniors can do. 

There are indoor activities for the elderly that can keep them busy if ever the weather and other factors prevent them from enjoying time outdoors.

However, outdoor activities are highly encouraged to get the much-needed sunlight that can provide Vitamin D, essential in any aging adult.(1)

1. Taking a Walk-in Open Spaces

Whether in a forest or a park, taking a walk and getting a breath of fresh air works wonders for visually impaired seniors. This gives them the proper exercise they need at their age and keeps them physically active.

When walking outdoors, it is best to have some assistance. There are even some parks with walking paths for impaired vision.

Check this video to see how to assist someone who is visually impaired when walking outdoors.

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2. Outdoor Yoga

Yoga has always been an exercise recommended for the visually impaired. In children, it has been shown to improve muscular fitness. (2)

In visually impaired adults, there are yoga poses that can be used to maintain muscular fitness. Chair yoga, as shown in this video, is another alternative that uses gentle poses for aging seniors.

Doing these exercises outdoors can boost the mood of your aging senior and keep them energized.

Looking for some fun outdoor activities for seniors? Check out our article on “outdoor games for seniors” for some great ideas and inspiration!

3. Gardening

Gardening is another activity that can be pleasurable for visually impaired adults. It’s a calm activity that can help relax any individual. 

Listening to music from online music services can even add to the calming mood that gardening provides.

Check this video for gardening tips that may help a visually impaired senior engage in this hobby.

Check other team-building activities for the visually impaired.

4. Listening to Audio Books

Get out in the garden and pull out a chair. Listen to an audiobook or even an audio news service that can be easily accessed on any mobile device.

This passes away the time and helps put cognitive impairment at bay.

Here are some inspiring fitness quotes to keep you moving!

10 Games Visually Impaired Seniors Can Play to Have Fun

When the weather or conditions outdoors won’t permit your senior to go out, you can always look into activities like craft ideas for seniors or even games designed for visually impaired seniors.

These scenarios are ideal for those in nursing homes where group activities like crafts for elderly in nursing homes or group games where social interaction is highly encouraged.

1. Dice Games

There are dice that are specially designed for the visually impaired that can be used to play games like Yahtzee and Bunco. 

If you aren’t familiar with some of the games, you can check out this video to get acquainted with the game Liar’s Dice.

2. Braille Monopoly

Who says that visually impaired people can’t play board games? 

This specially designed Monopoly set comes with Braille markings so the visually impaired can join in on the fun! To know more about the gameplay, check on this video to learn more about Monopoly.

3. Dominoes

Domino tiles have indents similar to Braille, so they can be played using just tactile sense.

Because of this that blind and low-vision people can easily play this game.

To know more about the gameplay, check out this video.

4. Card Games

Gin Rummy, Poker, and Go Fish are just some of the many card games that can be enjoyed by people with visual impairment who stay in an assisted living community.

One of the more popular card games is Gin Rummy. Learn more about playing Gin Rummy from this video.

5. Bingo

Bingo night is a popular activity for individuals living in a senior living community.

Bingo cards for individuals with vision impairment are specially made for them. 

The card’s numbers can easily be felt through tactile sensation, and they have pulldown windows per number to cover numbers that have been drawn out.

Learn more about the gameplay here.

6. Bananagrams

Bananagrams has always been a favorite word game due to its fast pace.

Especially designed tiled with braille markings are available for those blind and vision-impaired adults for them to be able to enjoy this game as well. 

To learn more about how it’s played, check out this video.

7. Checkers

Two can play this game, especially when you have tiles designed for people with vision impairment.

Still haven’t played this game? Get to know the rules from this video link.

8. Chess

Who hasn’t heard of the game chess? For blind and vision-impaired aged adults, the board is designed to place the chess pieces easily. Also, metal tips make distinguishing between the black and white pieces easy.

If you aren’t familiar with the rules of chess, you can learn more from this video.

9. Scrabble

For low-vision seniors who have always enjoyed this crossword puzzle game, the tiles of this set come in big, bold letters making them easier to read.

Check out this cool video to get familiarized with the game’s rules.

10. Ludo

Ludo is one of the classic favorite games of people worldwide. 

Ludo sets are specially designed for the blind, so the tiles come with Braille indents for easy identification.

If you still haven’t played Ludo, you can learn more about the game from this video.


Do blind people enjoy audiobooks?

In a nutshell, yes. Audiobooks are less challenging than Braille books since they can listen to the stories that come complete with expressive voices. This can give them a clearer picture of what is being told in these stories.

Can blind people play video games?

Yes, they can. There are accessible video games now that have been developed for the visually impaired.


It is common for many aging individuals to suffer from poor vision for several reasons, such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and peripheral vision loss.

Because of this, it may be pretty difficult to look for activities that can keep up their spirits and keep them motivated.

For those in assisted living communities and senior residences, outdoor activities may be scheduled to encourage movement so that they continuously remain fit. These activities are also meant to promote social interaction.

During the cold and rainy seasons, outdoor activities may become limited. For this reason, indoor activities such as crafts and games for visually impaired seniors can come in handy to keep them motivated and on their toes.

Game nights encourage social interaction among their peers, which can help maintain their emotional well-being. Such interactions also help them maintain a sense of belonging and acceptance despite the difficulties of vision loss.

Playing games is a fun way for people to relax, regardless of age. These exceptionally designed games are there to ensure that these seniors don’t miss out on the fun.

Elderly lady doing yoga in front of a laptop under title games for visually impaired seniors

What are your favorite games and activities for visually impaired seniors? Please share below!


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