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21 Grandparents Day Crafts Ideas That Are Perfect as a Gift!

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Grandparents Day crafts, like Mother’s Day arts and crafts and Father’s Day gifts, are adorable keepsakes children make for their grandparents.

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher searching for ideas to switch up this event and make it memorable for all, I’ve got you!

In a few minutes, I’ll share all the ideas you need to help your kids invest their all in creating the best possible gifts for their grandparents.

But before I proceed, why do we celebrate Grandparents Day?

Why Celebrate Grandparents Day?

Grandparents Day creates the ideal avenue for kids worldwide to express love through gifts for their grandparents.

It offers a beautiful opportunity for kids to be around their grandparents and have an excellent time hanging around them.

Grandparents Day is the Sunday after Labor Day, and this year’s holiday falls on September 11th. 

You’ll agree it’s a great idea to start crafting your Grandparents Day ideas now.

Below is a compilation of several gift ideas for your kids. 

10 Grandparents Day Crafts for Preschoolers

If you’ve got preschoolers who have only learned to mess around with stuff, here are some simple Grandparents Day craft ideas for the perfect gift.

1. Handprint Craft

Handprint clay keepsakes are easy to make and ideal grandparents’ Day crafts for toddlers. All you need is some air-hardening clay for your kid to make an impression of their hand on. Cut it out and leave it to dry.

handprint craft
Credit: nontoygifts

You can write their names on the clay piece or apply white paint to it after it dries. That way, you will be able to use black markers to write their names on your kid’s handprint crafts.

You can also help them create other handprint crafts like simple paintings on blank sheets with different colours.

2. Painted Rocks

Leaving grandparents with a heartwarming message remains an excellent Grandparents Day craft activity for preschool. There are several means of conveying your preschooler’s notes, and inscribing them on painted rocks is a unique method.

Credit: ilovepaintedrocks

Your supply list will comprise a smooth pebble, solid paint, and paint markers for this craft. Your preschool kids could paint the stones while you help them write some sweet messages on the rock.

You could also let them doodle all over it, making it more original.

3. Painted Pillow and Pillowcases

An ideal Grandparents Day craft for toddlers is allowing them to paint on pillows and pillowcases for their grandparents. There are fewer better ways to put smiles on your old folks’ faces than by giving them such children’s artwork as gifts.

Credit: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

All your preschoolers would need is a Sharpie marker and some plain fabric. You could also get fabric paint that matches their grandparents’ beddings and decor and let your kids do the rest.

Your kids could get messy from the project, but they sure would have had a great time, and your family will love the crafts all the more.

4. Tea Towel Arts

Opt for tea towel arts if you need simple craft ideas on Grandparents Day crafts for toddlers. Like some of the projects stated above, tea towel arts are an ideal way for your kids to express their love for their grandparents creatively.

Credit: craftsbyamanda

You can get plain colored tea towels and have your preschoolers paint with permanent markers all over them. It is an excellent experience for your kids and could also help their skills for school crafts.

5. Thumbprint Platter

This original idea from Simply Kierste Design is a perfect craft gift for toddlers. You help them thumbprint hearts in different colors on a plain white surface.

Credit: k4craft

You can adjust it to contain as many hearts as you want.

6. Clay Photo Frames

If you want more clay craft ideas, you can try clay frames for your baby’s photos. With some air-hardening clay and decorative embellishments like beads and gems, your toddlers could create an excellent gift for their grandparents.


7. Fingerprint Keychains

This simple project is another craft activity your toddlers will enjoy crafting for grandparents’ Day. Keychains are pretty practical and make for excellent keepsakes.

Credit: catherinerosman

You can use color paints to make the keychains look more lively.

8. Painted Aprons

If your old folks enjoy kitchen duty, your kids could doodle their love messages on aprons for them. At every meal time, such cute crafts remind them of their little ones.

Credit: thecraftpatchblog

9. Grandparents Day Cards

Grandparents Day craft ideas don’t get simpler than this. Make the foldable grandparents day cards more creative by cutting out your toddlers’ handprints and attaching them to it [1]. Don’t forget the sweet message!

Credit: bestwishesandgreetings

10. Pocket Watch Photo Album

Help your old folks document your kid’s growth in the most dramatic way. You could even get your kid to sign their adorable photos with their thumbprints.

While making crafts is a fantastic way to celebrate Grandparents Day, there are many more activities that seniors and grandkids can enjoy together.

Discover a wealth of ideas in our article on “Activities for Seniors and Grandkids“.

11 Grandparents Day Crafts for Kindergartens

Here, we will look at a few more crafts for old people that your kindergarteners can create for their grandparents . 

1. Papier Mache

You wouldn’t expect preschoolers to enjoy such DIY projects as papier mache, but you could encourage your kindergarteners on such paper crafts for their Grandparents Day gifts.

For papier mache, your supply list should include:

  • Pieces of paper, preferably newspapers.
  • Papier mache paste. You can make this out of equal portions of flour and water.
  • A template, which could be a mug or bowl.
  • Paint. Red or green paint often give great results.

After preparing the materials, follow this process for the perfect Papier mache gift.

  • Dip the pieces of newspaper in the paste. Slide off excess paste and layer it on the template. 
  • Keep layering while smoothing the layers so there are no air bubbles. You can have about five or six layers, so the papier mache is sturdy.
  • Leave it to dry. When it’s dry, your kids can paint and decorate it with colourful stickers as they wish.

As described, it is a fun craft project for children and an opportunity for your kindergarteners to show their grandparents their love.

2. Decorated Mugs

Here’s another craft perfect for six-year-old artists. You can present them with a plain-colored ceramic coffee mug and have them generate something creative from it, using acrylic paint or ceramic paint pens.

decorated mugs
Credit: sheknows.com

Making such adorable gifts presents ideal activities for kids, and your old folks will cherish a customized gift from their grandkids.

3. Grandparent Award

Awards for their grandparents are another excellent Grandparents Day idea your kids can create. They could make a perfect gift for grandparents with the needed materials below:

grandparent award
Credit: iheartcraftythings
  • Colored ribbons
  • Paint. Brown and yellow paint are most ideal.
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • Sticker embellishments and decorations
  • Glue
  • Paperplate

Your kids paint the paper plate their desired color. When the paint dries, they can write whatever they want in the middle of the plate. Then they decorate them and glue the ribbons to the back of the plate. 

You could help them punch holes in the plate, through which you will pass some yarn if you want them to hang the award. 

4. Grandparents Day Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a simple yet artistic craft idea your kid could present as a Grandparents Day gift. They come in various forms; they are available for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day craft ideas for seniors.

You can download free black and white printable gift pages for coloring or buy some at a grocery store for your kids to work on.

The result is a unique children’s artwork that conveys their feelings for their grandparents regardless of the outlook. Your old folks would treasure and display the coloring pages on their fridge or wardrobe doors.

5. Painted Oven Mitts

You can get your kids a pair or two of oven mitts and let them paint all over it. Their grandparents would appreciate such gifts–plus, it’s an extra reminder to them in the kitchen of their little ones’ love. 

Painted Oven Mitts
Credit: mrsterhune

6. Melted Beads Sun Catchers

Here’s a beautiful gift for grandparents you can execute with your kids to make it fun. Get a few pony beads and melt them onto cake pans.

You can also cut beautiful shapes out of them with cookie cutters. Here’s a video to guide your crafting:

7. Handprint Flower Pot

This is a perfect handprint project from Penny Pinchin Mom for you and your kindergarteners. You could decide to get a terracotta pot or build it all from scratch.

flower pot
Credit: pennypinchinmom

Planting flowers in it could be excellent activity for grandparents and their little ones. Anyhow, you make it, it will all look perfect on grandparents’ Day.

9. Grandparents Day sculpture

Creating items from clay is an exciting activity for grandparents’ Day; their grandparents will appreciate them even better. You can paint all sorts of colors when the clay dries.

10. Wooden Photo Tiles

Like clay, Positively Splendid shows how you can embed your kids’ photos in wood. This makes it more durable and less likely to get broken. 

Here’s a link to a video on how to make wooden photo tiles

11. Grandparents Day Poems

Another idea for a grandparent’s Day gift is having your little one write down what they think of their grandparents for a gift. You can get poem templates online for them to doodle over.

They could also sign their writing activity with a handprint or colorful stickers to make their sweet poems more dramatic.


September is just a few weeks away, but it’s never late for you and your kids to start putting a perfect gift together for their grandparents.

With the list of Grandparents Day craft ideas shared in this piece, you’ll have a fun time facilitating a memorable day for your kids and their grandparents [2].

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