8 Signs That Tells You To Start Using A Walking Cane

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A walking cane can improve your posture, provide you assistance while walking and help stop any further damage or injury to your body.

Unless your physical therapist recommends, it could be tricky to know when to start using one.

Some medical conditions leave you with a requirement for a cane, like arthritis, knee surgery, back pain, etc., but if you do not have any such requirement, you have to look out for yourself whether you need a walking cane or not.

Read along to find out how do you know when you need a cane.

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8 Signs You Need to Use a Walking Cane 

Your body gives you signs, and if you pay close attention to it, you’ll know when it requires any assistive devices for the movement. 

Here are some symptoms which tell you it’s time to start using a walking cane;

#1 You Are Dragging Your Foot

Have you recently found yourself dragging your foot rather than lifting it while walking?

While it may be due to many reasons like numbness and injury, it is vital to note that dragging your foot can cause imbalance.

Not to mention, continuous dragging of your foot would only result in more damage to the muscles.

If you have been dragging your foot for quite some time now, it’s time to stop asking yourself, do I need a cane? And get one for yourself. 

#2 You are Limping

If you notice yourself limping, it is high time you should visit your doctor. Get yourself diagnosed as soon as possible as it may be due to an underlying health condition.

It is also beneficial to ask your doctor if it’s time for you to start using a walking cane. If you can be benefitted from the same, your doctor would recommend you walking with a cane. 

Mobility aids like canes will help by not allowing all the pressure to fall on your one foot.  

senior practicing to walk with his doctor

#3 You Suffer From Joints Pain 

If joint pain has been troubling you for some time now, it might be time to start using a walking cane. It will help alleviate the arthritis pain, and you’ll be able to perform a range of motion.

In most cases, a standard cane must be enough for you, but if you still feel the need for assistance, talk to your doctor about getting a wheelchair or walkers.

joint pain

#4 You Suffer From Back Pain    

If you have been suffering from back pain over a  prolonged period, it could lead to poor posture and stress on your back.

This could further aggravate the problem if not taken care of in time. Consult your doctor and see if a cane could help your condition.  A quad cane can be more beneficial with back pain.  

senior with backpain

#5 You Are Using Furniture to Support Yourself

It’s easy to overlook unless someone points it out for you, but if you find yourself using the furniture in your home to walk around or support every time you stand up, it’s a clear sign to start using a walking cane.

This is because every time you walk around and stand up, your body needs support. It’s fine as long as you are in the house but becomes dangerous outside.

You might need sudden help, not finding which you can end up hurting yourself. In this case, getting a cane for walking will increase your mobility. 

This is a no-brainer; if your doctor has recommended you to use a walking cane, there’s no point in delaying its use any further.

The reason for this could be anything from recent surgery to some other medical condition. Still, irrespective of the reason, if your doctor has recommended you, you must start using a walking cane as early as possible. 

For women, ladies walking canes come in different styles and fashions, so not getting one because it looks bland is not a good enough reason.

Settle the cane vs. walking stick debate with your doctor and find out the best walking aid.   

#7 You Find Yourself Feeling Uneasy at Staircases and Uneven Ground 

Have you been finding yourself particularly uncomfortable in front of a flight of stairs and uneven grounds? Well, that might be because you are more unstable on uneven floors due to gravity.

And it also is a good reason to ponder if you need to start using a walking cane.

A walking cane would support you on such uneven grounds, and you’ll be able to walk without any assistance from anyone else.      

senior losing his balance on the staircase

#8 You Are Losing Your Balance More Often 

If you are losing your balance or tripping over quite often recently, it’s a clear indication that you need a walking aid. 

A cane, in this case, helps you provide the necessary support for your movement. Also, the cane will safeguard you from tripping over, thus protecting against any further injury in your daily activities.  

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Why do people use canes?

patient holding using a walking cane

Canes help support you and provide you with a better posture. This, in turn, protects the body from any injury due to poor posture.

What injuries require a cane?

An injury in the hip or leg requires using a cane, as in those cases, your body needs assistance while walking or standing up.  In any such case, your physical therapist would suggest you use a cane.

Does a cane help with hip pain? 

Yes, a cane does help with hip pain. Furthermore, if you are recovering from hip surgery, it is more beneficial to use a cane. 

Why are seniors in denial that they obviously need a cane?

There could be various reasons for this, from not wanting to look vulnerable to just being in a state of denial. Seniors need to acknowledge when they need a cane.  


Do not live in denial that you don’t require a cane while the symptoms tell you otherwise. Rather than thinking of it as a sign of vulnerability, think of it as reclaiming your freedom.

With a cane by your side, you won’t be needing any assistance from anyone else for walking.

It would also provide you with better posture, protect you from aggravating an existing injury and help you live a better quality of life.     

senior walking while using his cane

Are you having signs that you need to start using a walking cane? Let us know below!

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