Wheelchair Ramps for Homes Free [Know How To Get One]

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So how can you get wheelchair ramps for homes free? This was a highlight of a recent conversation with local ramp builders during a construction project at my house.

Unfortunately, an access ramp is very expensive, and some people can’t afford it. Read on to find out how to get the accessibility tool for free.

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Key Takeaways

  • Two federal programs offering free wheelchairs exist — Medicare & Medicaid.
  • You can get wheelchair ramps for free if you cannot meet the cost.
  • Each wheelchair organization has its qualification requirements.

How To Get a Wheelchair Ramp for Homes Free?

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts it, 26% of American adults live with some disability. (1)

This number includes low-income families and seniors who may not have the resources to meet their medical care needs.

For that reason, most rely on grants and aid from charitable organizations looking to better low-income people’s lives. Check out this YouTube video from AMWheelchair on how non-profit organizations help the needy.

Programs Offering Wheelchair Ramps for Homes Free

Several programs help veterans and older adults with critical home repairs. Through these ramp programs, people who cannot meet the cost of wheelchair ramps enjoy this accessibility equipment.

Here are federal programs offering financial aid for ramps.

1. Medicare

This ramp program covers medical assistance for 65 years and above seniors. It operates in two parts: Part A for health insurance and B for medical insurance.

So, does medicare cover wheelchair ramps?

Typically, wheelchair ramps fall under the durable medical equipment in medical insurance. Although quality ramps for seniors are essential, they are not reimbursable like wheelchairs. (2)

For that reason, Medicare does not usually cover the cost of wheelchair ramps. But if a physician declares the ramp as a medical necessity, the plan becomes the funding source.

Private insurers offer Medicare Advantage plans as extra coverage. The plans differ with the specific service provider, so you should know about them beforehand.

Check out this YouTube video from MobilityDeck on whether Medicare covers wheelchair ramp costs.

2. Medicaid

This federal program helps seniors and the general public meet their medical care budget. Medicaid operates like Medicare, and its benefits are: (3)

  • Standard Medicaid.
  • Home and Community Based Services Waivers (HCBS).
  • Nursing home benefits for a long-term level of care.

The program does not offer financial assistance to build ramps for people. But they can offer the funding after a physician recommends the ramp as medically necessary.

And although court cases challenge ramp construction eligibility, they are expensive and uncommon. Senior people qualify for these home modifications through the HCBS to avoid nursing homes.

Other Alternatives

If you do not meet the legal requirements needed by the government programs, you also have other choices. Here is a list of organizations that offer a durable wheelchair ramp structure.

1. Habitat for Safe Seniors

This program helps low-income seniors living with physical disabilities improve their lives. The organization relies on volunteer labor to repair unsafe ramps and loose handrails and install the feature.

Typically, the support person does a site visit to the ramp recipient’s home to determine the necessity of the feature. They estimate the materials, labor, and everything needed for the project.

The Habitat for Safe Seniors accessible ramp program targets people with disabilities aged 55 years and over.

Safety improvements include plumbing repairs, outdoor lighting, and free deliveries of perishable and non-perishable food.

2. Habitat for Humanity

The Habitat for Humanity program aims to provide repair assistance to homeowners to avoid assisted living.

The program requires you to have paid your taxes in full and own a home and offers all kinds of repairs, like electrical, plumbing, and others. (4)

The A Brush With Kindness program provides exterior beautification to the recipient’s home. The program also helps veterans who meet the program’s qualifications.

3. Texas Ramp Project

This 501 (c) (3) organization helps low-income people with physical disabilities enhance accessibility. The Texas Ramp Project depends on referrals from physicians to determine ramp recipients. (5)

A certified surveyor usually visits the family homeowner’s home to design the ADA-compliant ramp. A Texas Ramp Project volunteer team then follows up the ramp installation process to allow ease of mobility.

4. Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit organization that aims to help veterans after serving. The organization provides mental and physical wellness, counseling, interactions, and an independent living program.

Through the programs, these veterans can adjust to civilian life with ease. The organization has a team of experts who can help you seek your Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits.

5. AccessABILITY Program

Formerly known as Push America, this is a Pi Kappa Phi charity program to help people with disabilities. It usually offers a $1,000 grant to cover the material cost.

Moreover, the Ability Experience program also holds fundraising events to finance its operations. Here is a YouTube video from The Ability Experience on how the program raises awareness.

Why Wheelchairs Ramps Are Important for Elderly People

The primary reason older adults need home modifications is to enhance accessibility. Most American homes have stairs that are risky to navigate, limiting movement around the house and outdoors.

According to a study, approximately 25% of elderly falls result in minor injuries to severe hip fractures. But you can prevent these cases by using accessibility features like wheelchair ramps. (7)

Wheelchair ramps can also allow older persons with disabilities to live independently. This is because the ramp will enable them to carry on with their daily living and attend social service programs outdoors with little to no help.

Home ramps can also help emergency responders quickly access elder and nursing homes in dire situations. This makes it easy to move the disabled senior in and out of the house for medical care like dialysis treatments.


Will Medicare pay for my access ramp project?

The Medicare program does not offer to pay the financial cost of wheelchair ramps. But the program funds the project when a physician declares the ramp a medical necessity.

How much does a wheelchair installation ramp cost?

The ramp installation project averages $2,093, according to HomeAdvisor. But factors like the cost of material used, labor rates, and design significantly affect the total cost. (6)

Do ramp organizations make portable ramps?

Most ramp programs use a designer to evaluate a recipient’s property before laying the ramp. This assessment will tell whether to build a small ramp permanently or temporarily.

What is the ADA-compliant pitch for a wheelchair ramp?

According to ADA wheelchair ramp regulations, the standard slope should be 1:12. There should be 12 inches of ramp length for every inch of rising.


Getting wheelchair ramps for homes free can help low-income people’s daily living. If these social service programs didn’t exist, a ramp would probably be costly, leaving a dent in your pocket.

Finding an organization to help is crucial.

So there you have a list of options to get an accessible wheelchair ramp with the requirements to do so. Share this knowledge with someone looking to have a ramp but cannot meet the installation cost.

wheelchair ramp for homes free

Do you still need any help getting wheelchair ramps for homes free? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section!


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  1. I am having problems finding a wheelchair ramp for our house for my husband for free and we really need one asap. Can I buy a wheelchair ramp and then get reimbursed from Medicaid/Medicare?

  2. My Son in-law is in need of a wheelchair ramp immediately of possible. He’s been out of work since April and has had surgery on both feet and has no access to his house other than to crawl upstairs. Our Daughter must first carry the heavy wheelchair up the steps. Hoping to find financial help to build a ramp for them. Their insurance doesn’t cover it, He’s not on Medicare or Medicaid and not a veteran . Where can they turn for help?

    • Hi! First, thank you so much for writing your comment. There’s hope and help available. You may need to start approaching local support groups and asking for donated wheelchair ramps. Often, relatives would donate the belongings of a recently diseased person to a charity (even an old ramp). If your quest proves unsuccessful, you can try these sites, some of which cover most – if not all – of the cost(s). More so, some organizations are construction-focused, installing ramps for minimal expenses and even for free (see below):

      Best Wheelchair Ramps – Lightweight, Portable Handicap Ramps | Discount Ramps

      I gathered this information from a search, so feel free to check them out. Also, search sites such as ebay.com, gumtree.com, or even amazon.com. Sometimes you’ll find items that you’d otherwise thought would be expensive to be rather cheap, not least because a recently diseased relative may want to get rid of their beloved’s belongings and would sell it for a dismal amount – if for anything.

      Source: Free Wheelchair Ramp Guide (3 Ways to Get a Ramp Today) | Simplified Building

      Hope this helps!

  3. My wife recently had lower ieg amputation done which was originally supposed to be Foot recoonstruction surgery from having charcolt or charcoal foot after 1st surgery was done she had an infection incure in her right big toe and pinky toe and the bone going from the heel to the big toe the second surgery took place but had to amputate now after getting rehab and soon coming home she needs a ramp accessable to get into our home she doesn’t have Medicaid or Medicare but ñeeds this ramp to get around we are not financially able to buy and build one ourselves that’s the reason why I was trying to get one but don’t have a clue in what I’m doing to get this process started.

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