5 Best Wheelchair Gloves for Hand Protection [Review]

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Have you been trying to find the best wheelchair gloves for you?

If that’s the case, we have a complete guide that will help you make a decision and choose the perfect pair.

Below we’ll share with you in-depth reviews for each product so you can get familiar with the features, benefits, and drawbacks before buying.

Start with a look at our top picks, then keep reading for more details!

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5 Best Wheelchair Gloves at a Glance

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Check this comparison table for a quick side-by-side look.


5 Best Wheelchair Gloves of 2021

More than 3.3 million people in the US depend on a wheelchair for their mobility. 17.4% of these people have a job and need to propel their manual chair on a daily basis.

You can only imagine the pressure that it poses on your hands and arms and the need you have for quality accessories to protect them.

As promised, we went through all of the different choices for you and narrowed the list down to just five.

Now, let’s get into action and see what makes each one of these products special. All five designs offer superb protection and safety but have different features. Let’s start with the winner.

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#1 Care+Wear Wheelchair Gloves for Men and Women– WINNER

The Care+Wear gloves were made with users of wheelchairs in mind.

This company creates medical products that are meant to improve the function, safety, and comfort of people in need, and that’s exactly what they did with this design.

These gloves are not only the most durable design that we came across, but they come at an excellent price for the offered quality.

Physical Attributes

  • Unisex gloves
  • Five sizes: XS, S, M, L
  • Neoprene poly/spandex, nylon, polyurethane, and rubber material
  • Black color with reflective material details
  • Velcro strap
  • Zippers across the top of the design

Quantitative Measurements 

Size: this wheelchair glove design comes in five different sizes XS (6.5”x3.8”), S (7”x3.9”), M (7.5”x4”), L (8”x4.1”), XL (8.5”x4.2”). The first number shows the length measured from the wrist to the fingertip, and the second is the hand width.

Padding: this design features anti-slip palm padding for more comfortable and safer wear.

Type: there are various types of glove designs; this one fits in the full-fingered category. Some people avoid full-fingered gloves because they prefer to use their fingers for their phones and other objects while wearing the gloves. However, this design has a touchscreen conductive material that won’t prevent you from using your phone.

Breathability: in general, breathability depends on the material and the design of the manual wheelchair glove. Our research showed that these are not the most breathable pair of gloves on the list; however, they are not the worst either.

Most full-finger types of gloves are exclusively meant for winter and keep the hands very hot. These will keep your hands warm during cold days but won’t make them sweat excessively during summer.

Unisex design that works for men and womenNot ideal for hot weather
Machine-washable & water-resistantAvailable in only one color
The design features micro-dot thumb grips to prevent calluses and allow a better gripNot true to size, so order a size up.
Reflective material included in the gloves piping
Touchscreen conductive material for easy use

If you need a pair of gloves that you can wash at home, we found this one to be the best.

They don’t get dirty quickly because of the water-resistant design, and you can just throw them in the washer whenever you want.

Another unique feature is the touchscreen conductive material that most similar designs don’t have. 

Although they have a sleek, fashionable design, the gloves only come in black color. They fully cover the fingers, meaning that they are most suitable for cold weather.

Although most users report that they find the material breathable, fingerless designs are best for hot climates.

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is one of the two designs on the list that comes with reflective material essential for the user’s safety.

The material used in the production is of the highest quality, and even after continuous use, we didn’t notice signs of wear.

The padding is not too thick or too thin, just suitable for everyday use. What we loved the most are the thumb grips that help with the grip and make the whole propelling experience easier.

How the Product Evolved

This is the only pair of gloves for wheelchair users that Care+Wear offers. The brand released this design on June 10, 2018.

Although it’s their only product of this kind, they paid a lot of attention to delivering a wide range of features that will make the life of wheelchair users much easier, such as the hook and loop closure, palm padding, thumb grips, high-quality waterproof material, and more.

Care+Wear is a brand that has been in the healthcare industry since 2014 and has been creating products that improve the lifestyle of patients.

Their finger glove has numerous happy customers, and now you can add us to the list after carefully reviewing it.

Expert Tips

  1. This full-fingered wheelchair glove design exceeded all our expectations. Our research shows that these unisex accessories for manual wheelchair users are made of a breathable material, are highly durable, and offer a great fit thanks to the velcro closure.
  2. We feel comfortable rating them as the best wheelchair gloves because they were designed with patients in mind, created by a brand with a long history of medically superior products, and are specifically made for people with wheelchairs.

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#2 Rebo Wheelchair Gloves– Best Cut-Off Glove

Rebo Wheelchair Gloves Mobility Fingerless Long Thumb Leather Palm Gloves

The Rebo gloves are perfect for any manual chair user, whether it’s a beginner or an experienced one.

This cut-off design is made with a mix of leather fabric for durability, foam for padding, and cotton for breathability.

Physical Attributes

  • Unisex gloves
  • Three sizes: M, L, XL
  • Leather, cotton, and foam materials
  • Two colors: black and grey
  • Finger pullers

Quantitative Measurements

Size: there are three available sizes M (4.1”x7.3”), L (4.5”x7.7”), and XL (4.7”x7.9”).

Padding: there is foam padding for improved support and to prevent hand injuries.

Type: cut-off gloves that allow you to use your phone and other items when you’re not operating the chair.

Breathability: this is a breathable product thanks to the mix of various materials used in the production.

Unisex design for both men and womenNot machine-washable
60-day no-questions return policyThe wheelchair logo is too prominent
Wrist closure for a snug fitSome durability complaints
Moisture-wicking fabric
Pull tabs on fingers for simple removal

How it Compares to Others and Why

The leather material and foam padding do not only offer extra comfort, but they act as a grip pad for the user.

Did you know that at least 18% of people with wheelchairs experience blisters and calluses? Thanks to the padding, that will not be a problem with these gloves.

They also come with an anti-shock feature to further protect the hands. The cut-outs of this design are only on four fingers, while the thumb is completely covered in fabric.

Another thing we think is very valuable is the pull tabs on the fingers that will help you take off the gloves in only seconds. This design is dry clean only, so that is the first drawback that we had to list.

Considering how often people with manual wheelchairs use their chairs, they need a product they can wash in the machine.

Thankfully, the material is moisture-wicking on the back, so you’ll have to take it to the dry cleaners less often.

Rebo Wheelchair Gloves Mobility Fingerless Long Thumb Leather Palm Gloves

How the Product Evolved

The Rebo Gear brand has another pair of mobility gloves. They are more affordable, full-finger design, and don’t have leather as a part of their composition.

The Rebo gloves we reviewed are superior in quality and are meant to be used year-round because of the open tips, while the other pair the brand offers is more suitable for a cold climate.

The Rebo fingerless wheelchair glove design was first released on December 11, 2017.

Expert Tips

  1. After doing our in-depth research, trying these gloves, and going over customer reviews, we can say that these are the best cut-off gloves on the list. Manual chair users will find them easy to take off because of the pull tabs and breathable because of the cut-off tips.
  2. However, if you need a pair for winter, you should pass on this one.
Rebo Wheelchair Full Thumb Fingerless Gloves Ideal Choice for Active Lifestyle Wheelchair Gloves for Men Non Slip Grip to Boost Mobility Breathable Wheelchair Gloves for Intense Sports-Racing
680 Reviews
Rebo Wheelchair Full Thumb Fingerless Gloves Ideal Choice for Active Lifestyle Wheelchair Gloves for Men Non Slip Grip to Boost Mobility Breathable Wheelchair Gloves for Intense Sports-Racing
  • Made of High Quality 4 Way Stretch Material.
  • Breathable, Moisture Wicking Fabric On The Back.
  • Full Leather Palm for Comfort. Puller for Easy Take off.
  • Shock Absorbing And Reinforced Design for Durability.
  • Strong Wrist Closure Strap for Snug Fit. Durable and Dense Stitching.

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#3 Sporting Goods By GM Wheelchair Push Gloves– Best Padding

The Sporting Goods by GM push gloves are the sturdiest product on the list with superior padding. They are handmade using high-quality cowhide leather that will last users for a very long time.

Physical Attributes

  • Unisex gloves
  • Five sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Black color
  • Adjustable strap

Quantitative Measurements

Size: the seller offers these gloves in five sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL; however, didn’t include a sizing chart.

Padding: great padding for safe use.

Type: this is a cut-off product that allows users to move their fingers and use other items with ease.

Breathability: low breathability because of the sturdy, thick leather material.

Handmade with cowhide leatherThe seller didn’t include a sizing chart
High-quality, durable design with adjustable velcro strap.Sturdy design that is not as aesthetically-pleasing
Seller offers customized glove designs
Full padding in the palm area for improved comfort and protection

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is the most massive design that is made of heavy-duty leather. The breathability is lower than the other gloves on the list, but the protection is better thanks to the thick material and excellent padding.

How the Product Evolved

Sporting Goods by GM has another similar design, but that one’s double the price and reinforced with rubber.

The rubber is meant to provide more considerable friction, more power for the user, and easier pushing. This is a product with two velcro straps that open entirely, just like the other push gloves.

The main difference between the two designs is the rubber reinforcement, which makes the other pair more suitable for long-term chair users, while the Sporting Goods Push gloves more suitable for beginners.

Expert Tips

  1. Great for first-time users. They are made of durable material, their padding is excellent, plus they don’t show signs of wear after continuous use. The process of putting them on is very easy because of the two velcro straps, which is another reason why they’re great for a first-time user.
  2. The manufacturer also offers you customizing your gloves according to your needs if you get in touch with them.

#4 Kango Fitness Fingerless Gloves– Best Breathability

Real Soft Leather Mesh Net Fingerless Driving Weight Training Cycling Wheelchair Gloves W-1037

The Kango Fingerless design is a lightweight glove with excellent breathability and an affordable price. It’s also a double padded glove design that will protect your hands while using your manual chair.

If you’ve been looking for gloves that are more fashion-forward, this is the product that you’ll love the most.

Physical Attributes

  • Five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Tan color
  • 100% leather and breathable mesh material
  • Velcro strap in the front

Quantitative Measurements

Size: this product is available in five sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

The manufacturer unfortunately hasn’t listed a size chart that you can use to measure your hand and compare the sizes. From our experience, these gloves are true to size.

Padding: double padded for greater comfort and protection.

Type: this is another cut-off design that provides ease of use.

Breathability: the Kango fingerless gloves are the most breathable among the other five products. Although they include leather in the design, the mesh material provides great breathability, making them excellent for any season.


Most affordable gloves on the listSeller doesn’t offer a size chart
Stylish lightweight designThe grip can be improved
Double padded palm for extra protectionOnly comes in one color
Very breathable thanks to the mesh fabric
Easy to put on

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is the most fashionable and affordable pair on our list. The main difference is that there are cut-out sections above the velcro strap and each finger, and the mesh fabric completely covers the front part.

Real Soft Leather Mesh Net Fingerless Driving Weight Training Cycling Wheelchair Gloves W-1037

How the Product Evolved

The brand has several other versions of this product. They all have the same features; the main difference is in the color of the soft leather and the mesh fabric.

You can find both more affordable and more expensive ones depending on the color you love the most. These Kango Fitness gloves were released on February 20, 2015.

Expert Tips

  1. Buying a pair of gloves is an investment, no matter how affordable they are. Unfortunately, this seller doesn’t include a size chart for you to choose the size that fits best. All the information they give is that the product is true to size. If it’s of any help, their other customers agree with the statement. However, we do wish the Kango would consider including a chart.
  2. This is our top-rated affordable design that is made of a mix of leather and mesh for a good grip and excellent breathability.
  3. It’s perfect for beginners and all chair users who prefer lightweight, breathable designs with a medium grip.
Real Soft Leather Mesh Net Fingerless Driving Weight Training Cycling Wheelchair Gloves W-1037 (Large)
897 Reviews
Real Soft Leather Mesh Net Fingerless Driving Weight Training Cycling Wheelchair Gloves W-1037 (Large)

#5 Grebarley Cycling Gloves– Best Color Selection

Grebarley Cycling Gloves Bike Gloves Bicycle Gloves Gym Gloves Mountain Road Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Gel Pad Light Weight Breathable MTB Biking Gloves for Men Women

Black and brown can be so dull, so why not try a more vibrant design?

The Grebarley gloves come in five sizes, four different colors, and you can pick between a cut-off and full-finger design. In other words, there are many options for this product to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Physical Attributes

  • Men’s, women’s, kid’s gloves
  • Five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Five color options: green, blue, grey, black, and red
  • Full-finger and finger-free designs
  • Lycra microfiber material

Quantitative Measurements

Size: the product comes in five sizes S (5.9”x6.7”), M (6.7”x7.5”), L (7.5”x8.3”), XL (8.3”x9.0”), XXL (9.0”x9.8”).

Padding: gel-padded palm for great comfort.

Type: you can choose between fingerless and full-finger gloves depending on what you need. The cut-out design is best for warm days, while the full-finger design is great for cold days.

Breathability: the full-finger product has lower breathability compared to the cut-out design.

Affordable Not waterproof
12-months warranty & lifetime customer serviceQuality can be improved
Big color selectionNot specifically for wheelchair users
Shock-absorbing anti-slip pads & reflective strips
Elastic patch on the wrist for improved comfort

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is the only product on the list available in several vibrant colors and two different types when it comes to the fingers.

It’s also the only design with a thumb terry cloth included that is used to wipe sweat while the user is propelling their chair.

Although this design comes with many features, the overall quality of the gloves can be improved.

The materials are thinner compared to the other wheelchair glove designs on the list, so if the manufacturer worked on this issue, this product would be a strong contender for the first spot.

Grebarley Cycling Gloves Bike Gloves Bicycle Gloves Gym Gloves Mountain Road Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Gel Pad Light Weight Breathable MTB Biking Gloves for Men Women

How the Product Evolved

Grebarley has another pair of gloves similar to the product that we just reviewed. They are meant for winter and are waterproof.

So, if you need a similar design but upgraded with better features such as a touch conductive material, you should opt for those.

Also, the winter gloves by the brand are more expensive and are not available in a cut-out design, just full-fingers.

Expert Tips

  1. The Grebarley gloves were not made with manual chair users in mind, but they do a great job protecting the hands and providing proper padding when propelling a chair. This is a lightweight product that you’ll barely feel on your hands, with anti-slip parts on the palms for extra grip.
  2. It’s a great pair of wheelchair gloves that you’ll use for a long period of time without seeing any damage.
Grebarley Cycling Gloves Bike Gloves Bicycle Gloves MTB Gloves Road Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Gel Pad Light Weight Breathable Mountain Biking Gloves for Men Women (Black, S)
7,975 Reviews
Grebarley Cycling Gloves Bike Gloves Bicycle Gloves MTB Gloves Road Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Gel Pad Light Weight Breathable Mountain Biking Gloves for Men Women (Black, S)
  • 🚴【COMFORTABLE & DURABLE & BREATHABLE】Made of high elastic LYCRA fabric, our gloves are soft, breathable, anti-abrasive. these gloves are also lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. anti-slip Microsuede on the palms makes these gloves more durable for daily use, ensures maximum grip. widened velcro, special elastic fabric patch at the wrist part, it can make your hands completely relaxed and comfortable in biking sport.
  • 🚴【SHOCK-ABSORBING & ANTI-SLIP】Three pieces thick silicon gel SBR pad in different shapes are distributed at the bearing position of the palm Provide Powerful Shock Absorption Protection, Reduce Road Vibration, Hand Fatigue.
  • 🚴【TERRY CLOTH & EASY-OFF】Thumb terry cloth could help wipe the sweat off during riding. the pull tab on your finger helps you get off your gloves easily.
  • 🚴【SAFETY&PROFESSIONAL】Riding reflective strip improves safety during night riding. Perfect for both men and women, boys and girls, machine washable, Suitable for cycling, MTB, downhill, motocross, road cycling, motorcycle, driving, etc. If you like cycling, you need such a versatile pair of gloves!
  • 🚴【CUSTOMER SERVICE】30-Days No Hassle Returns&12 Months Warranty&Lifetime Customer Service.If For Whatever Reason You Don't Love Our Gloves. Just Return It, And We'll Refund Every Penny (Or Replace It, If There Is A Problem) You have no risk to try. You will get high-quality products and services from us.

Wheelchair Gloves FAQs

What are wheelchair gloves?

These gloves are accessories that wheelchair users need to protect their hands and prevent injuries. Although not every wheelchair user has a pair, gloves are essential for everyone who has a manual chair.

Do people in wheelchairs wear gloves?

People in wheelchairs wear gloves, especially the ones who use manual wheelchairs. These people use the strength of their arms to propel their chair, including starting, moving, turning, stopping, on various terrains.

What are the best wheelchair gloves?

Different people have different needs. These gloves are not one size fits all; instead, you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.
If you spend a lot of time in your manual wheelchair, make sure to find gloves with superior padding. Also, cut-off gloves are best for warm months, while full-finger gloves are better for winter.

What features to look for in wheelchair gloves?

There is a wide range of gloves for wheelchairs available on the market, and the main difference that you’ll notice is that some cover the fingers completely, while others only partially. Other useful features are extra padding, reflective material for safety, extra grips on the fingers, finger loops, and more.

What is the purpose of wheelchair gloves?

The main goal of these accessories is to prevent hand injuries, blisters, calluses, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, nerve injuries, and more. Since these people use the wheelchair during various weather conditions (rain, snow), they have to protect their hands adequately. 


Did you know that 49% of paraplegic patients show signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The leading hand activity of these patients is propelling their wheelchairs, meaning that improper protection is related to the appearance of this syndrome.

There is a wide range of gloves for wheelchair users available on the market, but not all are durable, with proper padding and great features.

All the products that we reviewed showed excellent performance and satisfied our criteria before they made our list.

Traveling with a wheelchair might not be a problem for power chair users, but the ones who have a manual design need to protect their arms from injuries.

They will propel faster, easier, safer, without blisters or calluses with a suitable wheelchair glove design.

Our Top Pick/Recommendation

Although it was hard to choose a winner, our top pick and the best wheelchair gloves according to our research are the Care+Wear gloves.

This is a product with a sleek design, that includes superior features such as reflective material for safety, great anti-slip arm padding, high-quality, durable fabric, adjustable velcro closure and zippers, thumb grips, and touch screen conductive material.


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Have you been trying to find the best wheelchair gloves for you? We've got you! Our expert came up with a review guide to help you choose the perfect pair.

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