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Speed Dating For Seniors: What Should You Know Beforehand

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Are you wondering about how senior speed dating for seniors works and if it’s suitable for you or your aging parents?

Then you’ve found the right place to get all the answers you need.

Below, we’ll discuss how it works, what to expect, and more.

Just keep on reading. 

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Speed Dating For Seniors: Age is Not an Obstacle

As you grow older, you might start thinking that it’s too late to date and that you’re bound to spend the rest of your life in solitude.

But age shouldn’t be an obstacle to finding companionship, even when you’re dating in your 60s, or 70s. Even disabled people date, so why shouldn’t seniors do the same?

However, going to bars, blind dates, festivals, and films doesn’t always work so well for seniors as they do for the young. That’s where speed dating comes into the picture. 

So, let’s find out how speed dating works and what makes it such an excellent idea for seniors

How Does Speed Dating for Seniors Work?

group of seniors dancing while on a speed dating event

You might have heard about speed dating in the last couple of years, but the idea of speed dating events goes back to the 90s.

While it’s has gained popularity since then, it’s normal if you’re confused about how it works.

Speed dating caters to specific age groups, for example, people over 21+, people in their 50s, 60s, and so on.

It focuses on gathering together people that are looking for some type of relationship just like intergenerational romantic relationships, not necessarily romantic ones.

The number of participants in these events varies, but it’s always an equal number of single women/men. These participants go on multiple short “dates” with each other and keep track of who they like.

During the event, speed daters talk with one person for a couple of minutes, then when the organizers give a signal, move to the next. And so on, until you run out of dating partners.

The goal is to meet as many new people with whom you’ve got basic things in common over a very short period.

When the event is over, you give the organizers information about who you’d like to meet for a second date. If there’s a match, both interested parties get each other contact information.

According to studies, most people find a potential match in 2 or 3 in every 10 people they meet during such events. on the other side, people meet less than 1% of those they find through online dating sites.

As such, speed dating can be the perfect opportunity to meet a romantic partner for busy people or senior citizens that don’t feel comfortable going to crowded public entertainment spots.

Moreover, speed dating isn’t that expensive. Expect to pay between $25 on average for the opportunity to meet 10 singles who might be interested in dating you or who might be a good friendship match.

Check out the video below to get an overall idea of how it works:

Where to Find Speed Dating Events?

To find speed dating events, you can check dating websites and see if they offer speed dating services and for what age/theme.

Dating websites are the most secure ways since they’re less likely to abuse personal information.

Facebook groups, Google searches for “speed dating near me,” and other social media platforms are also excellent ways to track upcoming events. But you have to be careful not to get scammed.

Of course, you can also look for speed dating recommendations on Reddit and Quora and find out what’s available in your area.

Before you provide personal information, make sure that the speed dating organizer is legitimate. Look at reviews, talk to other people who’ve used the service, and be cautious.

Since speed dating involves an equal number of participants, reservations for women/men might sell quickly. So, you might not have a very long time to make up your mind.

Unfortunately, face-to-face speed dating opportunities might be scant these days, but you still might build a connection with someone over the Internet.

You can check,, OriginalDating, and other online match sites for upcoming events. Due to the pandemic, many have virtual speed dating available, even for single seniors.

The con of virtual meetings is that you might not fully judge the person’s character and get a sense of what they’re like.

What to Expect on Your First Speed Dating Event?

To make it easy for you to understand what to expect, we can divide speed dating for seniors into three phases – before, during, and after. We’ll talk in detail about each one.

The Before Phase

Once you’ve found a suitable senior speed dating that caters to your taste and preferences, you have to register and provide some personal details, such as age, sexual preferences, what you’re looking for, and so on.

Such information is necessary to include you in an event with other singles looking for the same type of relationship as you. You have to be honest to find successful matches or platonic friends.

After you register, you note the time and venue where the speed dating will take place.

During the Event

Once the event starts, the rules are simple and apply to seniors and millenniums alike. One set of daters remains seated at the tables (usually the women), while the other set of single men/women rotate.

Dates are short, ranging between 3-5 minutes, with 10 being the longest. You can talk about whatever you want during this time or not talk at all. But you can’t move to the next person before the host gives the signal.

Since speed dating events vary in size, you can expect to meet between 6 to 14 connections. Keep in mind that the bigger the event, the less time you’ll have to chat with each participant.

You shouldn’t give your contact information during the event or ask another person to do the same, even if you’re strongly attracted to the other woman/man.

It’s also not polite to ask if they’ll mark your name after the event. The most important thing is to enjoy your speed dating adventure for seniors and have fun.

After the Event

Once the dates are over, you’ll have to fill a sheet to indicate which person you see as a romantic match, a platonic match, no match, and so on.

The other party would have to indicate the same desire before you’re allowed to exchange contact information.

You can use speed dating templates to track your impressions so that it will be easy to make the final choice. Sometimes the hosts of the event will have scorecards available.

It can take time until you know if there’s a suitable romantic match for you, so don’t be quick to give hope. Once you received information, you’re encouraged to contact the other person in two weeks.

3 Common Misconceptions About Speed Dating

Now that you know what to expect when speed dating over 50, let’s talk about some common misconceptions about speed dates that might 

#1 Speed Dating is for the Young

When most people hear about speed dating, they imagine a group of young, busy people focused on finding the perfect match.

However, speed dating is suitable for anyone looking to meet new people, experience new things, and have fun.

You can be in your 70s or 80s, and it won’t matter as long as you’re open to the idea of senior speed dating. But it might take you longer to find a speed dating event that caters to your age.

Fortunately, speed dating for seniors is getting more and more popular, so you’ll likely have more options available.

#2 Speed Dating is About Finding “The One”

Speed dating doesn’t have to be about finding your soulmate or that one perfect person you’ve been waiting for all along.

Sometimes adults attend these events because they’re looking for other singles with similar interests and hobbies to talk about stuff.

Other times, people get lonely on holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, and don’t want to spend it alone. But they might not be interested in a serious, long-term relationship.

#3 You’ve Got to Ask the Right Questions

Speed dating is about enjoying yourself and having a relaxing evening with a few strangers. It’s not about asking as many speed dating questions as you can in four minutes or trying to come up with clever answers.

Most people decided if they like their speed dater in the first few seconds. It’s better to spend your time talking about things that really interest you and have fun. 

Remember that you’re not on an exam and that it’s not a big deal if you don’t do well at first. 

Is it Really Suitable for the Senior Public?

So, is speed dating suitable for the senior public? Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of speed dating and its cons for seniors to find out.

Senior couple dining in a restaurant

Benefits of Speed Dating

One of the best things about speed dating is that you don’t have to wonder how to start the conversation, introduce yourself, or fear that you will get rejected. That reduces the usual dating anxiety.

Moreover, these events cater to specific age groups and sexual orientations so that you don’t have to worry about wasting time talking to a person that wouldn’t be interested in you.

Some speed dates events might also be targeted toward specific communities, such as seniors, LGBT, Christians, etc. As such, you get to meet potential partners that share your interests in a quiet environment.

Furthermore, matching happens after the event, so there’s no pressure to accept or reject a person on the spot. You’ve got time to make your mind.

Speed dating is also affordable, and more than 75% of the participating singles get at least one match.  

Cons of Speed Dating

The biggest con of speed dating events is that you’ve got a very short time to impress your date, and it’s easy to create the wrong impression when you’re trying too hard.

Moreover, since you’re meeting so many people, you might mix up faces and information if you don’t keep a scorecard. Then you might not get the best possible partner.  

Speed dating doesn’t always end in a match and you won’t know it until the hosts go through all of the participants’ sheets. It can be quite disappointing to wait days only to find out there’s no match.  


Speed dating for seniors is an excellent way to meet many new people with whom you share interests, spend an interesting event outside your house, and hone your social skills.

Don’t let your age be an obstacle to enjoying life and finding a suitable romantic partner. Even in your golden age, there’s still time for one more love adventure.

Have you ever wondered how speed dating for seniors works? Check our article to find out how it works, what to expect, and more!

What do you think about speed dating for seniors? Have you ever tried it? Tell us about your experience in the comment sections.

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