Top 14 Best Transport Wheelchairs (BUYING GUIDE)

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Shopping for the best transport wheelchairs can be overwhelming when you’ve got tons of models to choose from.

Don’t worry, though; we’re here to help narrow down your search.

Below, we’re reviewing 14 of the best travel wheelchairs, along with each one’s pros and cons.

Start with our top picks below, then keep reading for the full list.

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Best Transport Wheelchairs Top Picks at a Glance

Check out the table for a quick overview of these wheelchairs, then read on for more details!

Editor's Choice
FLUX Dart Slim Daily Living Wheelchair
Top Benefit
Easy to propel with your hands or your feet
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” class=
Ultralight Transport Chairs
Top Benefit
Lightweight (15 lbs) & compact
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” class=
stylish transport wheelchair from Karman
Top Benefit
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Fly-Lite Transport Chair
Top Benefit
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Aluminum Transport Wheelchair, 19
Top Benefit
Durable frame
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Top 14 Best Transport Wheelchairs (REVIEW)

Regular manual or electric wheelchairs are often too heavy for caregivers to lift in and out of a car or carry to another destination. They also don’t fit easily into vehicles or wheelchair-cover bags.

That’s a problem when you have to travel in a wheelchair, need to go to the hospital for a check-up, or want to go outside for a walk around the neighborhood.

Fortunately, lightweight transport wheelchairs are an excellent alternative to traditional wheelchairs and wheelchair carriers for traveling and patient transfer. 

You just have to find the right one to suit your needs. To help you, we’ve selected the very best 13 transport wheelchairs that are suitable for anyone’s budget. 

#1 FLUX Dart Slim Daily Living Wheelchair

FLUX Dart Slim Daily Living Wheelchair

If you need a transport wheelchair that can handle a lot of wear and tear- and you don’t mind paying extra for something that will last- the Flux Dart is a great way to go. 

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks to see what makes it our top pick. 

Narrow design fits through tight spacesAt 32 lbs, it’s not the lightest option by far
XL 20” rear wheels Pricier than other models
Holds up to 300 lbsOnly available in one size 
Easy to propel with your hands or your feetIt doesn’t fold
Fabric designed to keep you dry & cool 
Attached handlebar so carers can give you a push when needed


If you’re looking for a transport wheelchair that doubles as a daily-use chair, the Flux Dart is by far your best option. 

Most transport chairs are made for quick trips. Say, a weekly visit to and from your doctor, or through a busy airport. 

They’re meant to be a compact version of your regular chair or help you get around short-term after an injury. 

However, everything about the Flux Dart is made for daily living. In other words, you can use it at home, the office, and on the go. 

If you live in a small apartment, its slim profile and flip-up armrests make it a breeze to navigate tight spaces, while the XL 20” wheels offer superior control and a smoother ride. 

The only major drawback, aside from the price, is that it doesn’t fold up to fit in your trunk. So, if you have a small car and no wheelchair carrier or rack, it’s not the best option. 

Likewise, if you already have a great everyday wheelchair and you just need something to use during trips, you may want to keep reading for other options. 

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#2 Carex Transport Wheelchair

Carex Transport Wheelchair With 19 inch Seat - Folding Transport Chair with Foot Rests - Foldable Wheel Chair for Travel and Storage, 1 Count

Do you want a sturdy, lightweight transport wheelchair that you can take with you anywhere you go? Then you can’t go wrong with Carex and their compact transport chair.

It features a steel frame for maximum support, stability, and safety during transportation and weighs only 25 pounds. As such, caregivers can easily lift and maneuver the chair, no matter the terrain.

Let’s look at the pros and cons, then we’ll talk a bit more about it.

LightweightWheels might be tricky to attach/detach
Holds up to 300 lbsNot very comfortable seat
A durable steel frameNot as durable as some other models
Swing-away footrests
Added safety features


The adjustable swing-away footrests are removable for ultimate portability, while the brakes and the secure seatbelt ensure the user’s safety. 

Moreover, this transport wheelchair folds quickly into a compact shape and fits in a car’s trunk, a wheelchair bag, or a closet. It also doesn’t take extra space around the house. 

Wheelchair users also like that this lightweight chair requires minimal assembly and that the removable footrests are easy to detach/attach. But some had problems assembling the wheels.

The chair’s weight capacity is 300 pounds, so it doesn’t bend/crack easily, and the frame is low-maintenance.

However, some customers note that the 19-inch seat sinks and had to use seat cushions to alleviate their discomfort. 

Carex Transport Wheelchair With 19 inch Seat - Folding Transport Chair with Foot Rests - Foldable Wheel Chair and Lightweight Folding Wheelchair for Storage and Travel
  • Lightweight wheelchair at 25lbs. The Carex Transport Wheelchair, a portable wheelchair that folds. The Transport Chair features adjustable swing away removable foot rests. The wheel chair has a sturdy steel frame that folds and is portable.
  • A leader in transport chairs. With a 19 inch seat, the transport wheelchair is a comfortable drive. Includes a secure belt for safety. Great for surgery recovery or those with a medical condition. Our handicap wheelchair keeps you safe and comfortable.
  • Transfer wheelchair folds up to fit into a trunk, a perfect medical transport chair for bringing someone home from the hospital. Transport wheelchair is great for those on the go or those in need of a folding companion wheelchair for occasional use.
  • The sturdy steel frame of the transport chair provides full support during everyday transport and also folds easily for compact storage making this ultra lightweight wheelchair an excellent choice instead of a wheelchair rental. Some assembly required.
  • Trust in Carex, a leader in wheelchairs for adults and ultra lightweight wheelchairs for seniors, disabled, and handicap. Shop our entire line of lightweight wheelchairs for adults, our transporter wheelchair, and our classic wheel chairs.

#3 Medline Ultralight Transport Mobility Wheelchair

Ultralight Transport Chairs

Medline’s Ultralight transport wheelchair boasts a sleek design, a high-quality aluminum frame, and padded nylon upholstery for maximum comfort.

It’s one of the lightest transport chairs on the market with a weight of 15 pounds, making it suitable for shopping, traveling, hospital visits, and outings, among a few. 

Benefits Drawbacks
Weighs only 15 poundsNot great on rough terrain
Sturdy frameNo hand brakes
Restaurant-style armrests 
Leg rests


The simple-folding design also ensures maximum portability and makes this lightweight travel wheelchair easy to store when not in use. 

Moreover, Medline’s chair has stow-n-go-clips to lock the footrests to the sides to avoid tripping over the leg rests and fold the wheelchair flat.

One of the best features of this wheelchair is the restaurant-style armrests, which allow users to sit close to the dining table or desk. 

The 8-inch wheels also make it easy for caregivers/companions to maneuver the chair forward or reverse, while the seatbelt adds an extra layer of security. 

The chair has a 300-pound weight capacity, and you have several color options. The cup holder is also an excellent extra feature.

However, some users note that Medline’s foldable transport wheelchair doesn’t perform well on uneven terrain and that the brakes could be better designed.

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Ultralight Transport Chairs

#4 Drive Medical Fly Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Fly-Lite Transport Chair

Drive Medical is one of the leading companions on the wheelchair market, so it’s no surprise that their ultralightweight chair is amongst the best transport wheelchairs.

The Fly Ultralightweight boasts a sturdy frame with a 300-pound weight capacity that handles bumps and obstacles with flying colors. It’s easy to maneuver any surface, including carpets and hardwood floors.

Benefits Drawbacks
An ultralight frame Brakes might be difficult to engage
Comfortable nylon upholsteryNo anti-tripping bar
Low-maintenanceSomewhat pricey
Swing-away detachable footrests 
Weight capacity of 300 pounds


While durable, Drive Medica’s Fly Ultra has a lightweight design to lift and carry the chair without straining your back muscles.

The Fly Ultra chair also features a comfortable seat to reduce pain/aches when traveling, a seatbelt for safety, and carry pockets in the back to store essential items. 

More importantly, this lightweight transport wheelchair has a deluxe back release, allowing you to fold it into a compact shape for transportation and storage.

You can put the chair in the car’s back seat, fit it inside a wheelchair bag to take it on a trip, or store it in your closet. 

As such, Drive Medical’s lightweight transport wheelchair is perfect for indoor/outdoor use and transferring patients from/to vehicles/beds.

Moreover, the swing-away footrests are adjustable for extra comfort and easy to remove without any tools.

The 8-inch wide rear wheels also provide excellent stability no matter the terrain, while the rear brakes lock the chair in place. 

However, some customers note that the brakes are difficult to lock and require too much force. Still, Drive Medical’s lightweight wheelchair is an excellent alternative to standard wheelchairs.

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Fly-Lite Transport Chair

#5 ProBasics Ultralight Transport Wheelchair

Aluminum Transport Wheelchair, 19

Do you need a portable wheelchair that you can take almost anywhere? Then you should take a look at ProBasics and their folding wheelchair. 

Again, we’ll check out the overall pros and cons for this one, then we’ll dive into what makes it so great.

Benefits Drawbacks
A durable frameNarrow seat
Ergonomic designFlimsy back-support lock
Push-to-lock brakesCustomer service issues
Breathable upholstery
Cushioned armrests


While weighing merely 20 pounds, this lightweight travel wheelchair boasts a durable frame that can withstand up to 250 pounds of weight and folds in seconds when you don’t need it. 

Moreover, ProBasics’ chair features removable swing-away footrests, heel loops for additional security, and push-to-lock rear wheels that prevent unwanted rolling on uneven surfaces. 

But one thing that makes ProBasics’s ultralight transport wheelchair stand among other brands is the padded full-length armrests. They provide excellent support and reduce arm aches/fatigue.

The breathable nylon upholstery also ensures a comfortable ride, prevents overheating, and cleans easily if there’s an accident. 

When folded, you can fit the wheelchair in your vehicle’s trunk with no problem and unfold it for seconds when needed. 

Caregivers also appreciate the flared handles with their ergonomic grips, making it easy to maneuver this lightweight chair around obstacles, inside or outside. 

However, some customers note that the wheelchair’s seat isn’t as wide as they expected and is not suitable for overweight or obese people.

I saw it on TwinMed, LLC dba Medical Supply Depot

Aluminum Transport Wheelchair, 19″ with Footrest, Burgandy

#6 Lumex Walkabout Junior Rollator with Seat

Lumex Walkabout Junior Rollator with Seat - Light & Compact for Petite and Pediatric Users - Burgundy, RJ4301R

If you a versatile transport chair, you can’t go wrong with Lumex and their unique hybrid chair with a lightweight frame of 11.5 pounds yet supporting up to 300 pounds.

Thanks to the innovative design, you can use this chair as a rollator walker with a seat or transform it into a transport chair when you need a place to sit and rest.

Benefits Drawbacks
LightweightThe backrest tubing plugs are too big for the tubing as per customer review
Ergonomic hand grips are easily adjusted Seat vinyl is flimsy
Easy-to-use brakes
Padded seat and backrest


The light frame ensures that you can easily transport the chair to any destination or maneuver the rollator around obstacles without help.

The Lumex hybrid transport chair folds for maximum portability and doesn’t take up much space around the house. 

Another great thing about this lightweight transport wheelchair is the easy-to-engage brakes, which provide plenty of braking power on various terrains and keep the chair steady. 

Wheelchair users also appreciate the soft backrest, the 18″-wide meshed seat, and the handy storage pouch for personal items. 

You also get detachable footrests that you can install without any tools, and the chair/rollator requires minimal assembly before use.

However, some users note that the footrests don’t swing away and that you have to remove them each time you switch from rollator to wheelchair. 

Lumex Walkabout Junior Rollator Walker with Seat, Small & Narrow for Short Adults, Pediatrics & Kids
  • PERFECT FOR PETITE USERS: Easily adjustable ergonomic handgrips range from 27.5 - 32"; padded seat sits 18.5" off the ground.
  • LIGHT & COMPACT: One of the lightest 4-wheel rolling walkers on the market (11.5 lbs); incredibly compact at 20" wide with hand grips spaced 12" apart.
  • EASY-APPLY BRAKES: Large hand grips make braking a breeze; safety-first lock-in-place feature prevents unintentional rolling.
  • STURDY WHEELS: Large 6" tires roll smoothly over any surface--indoors or out--and the durable rubber design means maintenance-free wheels.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: Padded 12" X 12" seat and curved backrest provide omptimal comfort for enjoyable sitting and resting.

#7 Nova 19″ Transport Chair with Detachable Arms

Wheelchair with Detachable Desk Arm and Elevating Leg Rests - 20

Nova Medical Products has the perfect heavy-duty transport wheelchair for people who want a high-quality product light enough for travel/transportation. 

Thanks to its innovative design, Nova’s bariatric transport chair weighs only 22.65 pounds, folds quickly, and is easy to maneuver/lift/carry. It also has 300 pounds of weight capacity thanks to the reinforced frame. 

Benefits Drawbacks
An adjustable seat belt Not lightweight
Several safety featuresVery pricey
Large rear wheelsNot ideal for everyday use
Flip-up padded armrests
Removable/adjustable footrests


To ensure its users’ safety, Nova’s product features anti-trippers, an adjustable seatbelt, secondary wheel locks, and Feather Touch locking brakes. 

As such, inclines and slopes are no obstacle for this wheelchair for travel, and you don’t have to worry about falling or tripping at the wrong moment. 

Moreover, the Nova Bariatric transport wheelchair has large rear wheels for a smooth ride on uneven terrains, an extra-wide seat for comfort, and a storage pouch for personal items.

The removable cushioned armrests also make it easy to transition from/to the wheelchair and allow users to sit comfortably at a table. 

Footrests are also removable and adjustable for ultimate portability. They also have got non-skid footplates and heel loops to prevent feet from slipping. 

However, it’s definitely significantly pricier than all of the models we’ve looked at so far. Also, some users complained that it couldn’t hold up to everyday, ongoing use.

So it really is best to use only as a transport wheelchair.

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Wheelchair with Detachable Desk Arm and Elevating Leg Rests – 20″

#8 Karman S-2512 Transport Wheelchair

Karman wheelchair

Karman has one of the lightest travel wheelchairs on the market, and we can’t miss it when we’re talking about the best transport wheelchairs.

The Ergo Flight model weighs only 14.5 pounds (without footrests and wheels) and has an excellent selection of features.

Benefits Drawbacks
Ultralight Expensive
Anti-trippersFixed armrests
S-shaped frame for comfortNoisy wheels
A carrying pouch
Excellent braking system
300 pounds of weight capacity


For starters, this lightweight travel wheelchair has a unique frame design that follows the body’s natural curves for ultimate comfort.

The unique S-shaped seating reduces the risk of pressure ulcers/sores and ensures the user’s comfort no matter how much time they spend sitting in the wheelchair. 

The chair also features removable footrests so that you can fold the chair into a compact size, making it easy for transportation and storage. 

But one of the features that make this one of the best transport wheelchairs is the braking system. It allows caregivers to engage the brakes without bending down. 

You can go down slopes and up, knowing that you can stop the wheelchair safely whenever you need it. 

Moreover, you have anti-trippers for safety, a seatbelt to prevent falling/accidents, and a carry pouch to keep personal items close when you travel.

Karman’s transport wheelchair is also an excellent choice for maneuvering through narrow doorways and tight spaces due to its ergonomic design. 

Karman Healthcare S-2512 Ergo Flight Transport Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Luxury Seat, 16", 18 Pound
  • Weighs only 18 pounds ; 6” x 1” Polyurethane Front Casters
  • Anti Tippers, Seat Belt, and Carry Pouch Included
  • Removable Footrest and Fixed Armrest
  • Companion Brakes standard
  • Patented Ergonomic Seating Frame
  • Dimensions of the seat is 17 x 16 x 19 inches and the height is 19 inches. Weight capacity of 220 lbs

#9 Yuwell Child Transport Wheelchair

yuwell Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair for The Elderly and Children,15 lbs

Standard wheelchairs aren’t always the best choice for children or elderly people. You might need something small, portable, and versatile, such as Yuwell’s transport wheelchair.

Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, this transport wheelchair weighs merely 15 pounds. Still, it’s durable enough to withstand travel/transportation, and it’s designed to resist oxidation, so it won’t rust. 

Benefits Drawbacks
Great for narrow doors/tight spacesNot the most comfortable seat
Very light, compact, and foldableBrakes might be tricky 
Durable frameGoes out of stock often
Swing-away footrests


The chair has a weight capacity of 165 pounds, which is lower than most lightweight travel wheelchairs.

But that’s what makes it perfect for narrow doorways, maneuvering in tight spaces, and sitting close to tables/desks. 

Moreover, this lightweight wheelchair has soft armrests, an adjustable pedal, and hand brakes to safely park the chair. 

We also like this wheelchair for travel because it comes with a wheelchair bag for protection. So, you don’t have to worry about how to pack your wheelchair when traveling. 

The wheelchair also folds into a compact shape and is small enough to allow you to carry it on the board of a plane. 

However, some users note that the brakes aren’t easy to lock into place and that the chair isn’t comfortable for long periods of time.

yuwell Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair for The Elderly and Children,16 lbs
  • With hand brake for easy control and safer.
  • Transport Chair Super-Light Folding with Carry Bag
  • It can be carried on board after folding.
  • Made of aluminum alloy, it is durable and resistant to oxidation.
  • The wheelchair size is more suitable for body sizes up to 165 pounds.

#10 Elenker 2-in-1 Wheelchair & Rollator

Elenker 2 in 1 Rollator Walker & Transport Chair, Folding Wheelchair Rolling Mobility Walking Aid with Seat Belt, Padded Seat and Detachable Footrests for Adult, Seniors (Purple)

Elenker has a great folding transport chair, perfect for people looking for something unique, portable, and versatile. They’re next on our list of best transport wheelchairs. 

Combining wheelchair and rollator in one, Elenker’s product is made of durable material to withstand up to 400 pounds of weight and has great features to suit your travel needs.

Benefits Drawbacks
LightSmall seat
400 pounds of weight capacityMight not be easy to maneuver
Compact storage design
Large basket for storage


The 10-inch front wheels and 8-inch rear wheels give users plenty of traction and stability on uneven terrains. Grass, cement, gravel, or sand won’t be an issue with this wheelchair. 

Thanks to the innovative design, you can fold this rollator with one hand and turn it easily into a wheelchair by attaching the removable footrests. 

The wheelchair comes with a seatbelt and ergonomic brakes to immediately stop the wheelchair and lock it in place. 

We like this lightweight wheelchair because it has a large space basket under the seat for storage and a cane holder for convenience.

The padded seat and thick armrests also ensure the user’s comfort and reduce aches, while the adjustable handlebar height allows you to customize the rollator to your specific needs. 

However, some users note that the walker isn’t as easy to maneuver as they expected and that the wheelchair seat is too small to fit a body comfortably.

Elenker 2 in 1 Rollator Walker & Transport Chair, Folding Wheelchair Rolling Mobility Walking Aid with Seat Belt, Padded Seat and Detachable Footrests for Adult, Seniors (Purple)
  • 2-in-1 Design: This rollator serves both as rollator Walker and transport Chair, simply by attaching the footrest and flipping the backrest into position.
  • Comfortable Padded Seat and Backrest: Features a sponge-padded seat that ensures long-lasting comfort during extended seating sessions.
  • Ensure Your Safety: Equipped with a safety belt, a dual braking system, and 10” wheels designed for effortless navigation both indoors and outdoors.
  • Convenience-Enhancing Features: Under-seat storage basket and cane holder ensure your essential items remain instantly accessible and within arm's reach, freeing up your hands for added ease of use.
  • High Quality & Exceptional Service: Boasts a robust frame capable of supporting up to 300lbs, rigorously tested to ensure 100% reliability before shipping. Complemented by round-the-clock responsive email customer support.

#11 Everest & Jennings Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

At 20 pounds of weight, Everest & Jenning’s lightweight travel wheelchair is perfect for traveling, transportation, and patient transfer. 

But it’s not only the light frame that makes Everest & Jenning’s product one of the best transport wheelchair.

Benefits Drawbacks
Sturdy designFixed armrests
Padded seats250-pound weight capacity
Leg strapsTilts backwards when locked
Detachable footrest
Rear-wheel locks
Available in several colors


It also features a padded nylon upholstery to ensure maximum comfort, leg straps for safety, and swing-away removable footrests to keep your feet off the ground.  

The rear wheel locks also allow caregivers to park the wheelchair without worrying about it rolling away or moving at the wrong time during patient transfer. 

Moreover, you don’t need tools to adjust/remove the footrests, and you’ve got convenient carry straps on the sides for lifting/folding the wheelchair. 

The frame supports up to 250 pounds of weight and is available in several colors to suit different tastes. You can also choose between two seats – 17×16″ or 19×16″.

#12 Medline Aluminium Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Lightweight Aluminum Blue Transport Chair with 12
Lightweight Aluminum Blue Transport Chair with 12″ Wheels

from: TwinMed, LLC dba Medical Supply Depot

Medline is another leading company in the wheelchair market, and they’ve got an excellent lightweight chair for traveling and outdoors/indoors.

We’re talking about Medline’s aluminum transport wheelchair with its stylish design, durable aluminum frame, and large rear wheels.

Benefits Drawbacks
Easy to fold/storePoor handle design
Manual brakesNot the lightest option
Full-length armrestsWarranty issues
Large rear wheels
Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds


While it weighs 24 pounds, the chair is still light enough to lift and carry. It also folds for easy storage and fits in a vehicle’s back seat or trunk with no problems.

The frame has a weight capacity of 300 pounds to ensure durability, and the powder-coating finish prevents chipping, cracking, and rust. 

Medline’s lightweight travel wheelchair also boasts a comfortable nylon upholstery, a seat belt to reduce accidents, and full-length permanent armrests for convenience.

Moreover, this lightweight wheelchair has large 12-inch rear wheels for smooth performance on outdoor terrains and manual handbrakes to lock the chair when you need it to stay.

However, some caregivers state that the handlebars don’t work well when you fold the chair and that the chair needs extra cushioning.

#13 Medline Steel Transport Wheelchair

Medline Steel Transport Wheelchair with 19

Medline has another impressive lightweight transport chair for adults, seniors, and people with disabilities that need something light but durable for daily use.  

Benefits Drawbacks
A steel frameNot the lightest option
Great weight capacityBad customer service
Large tires 
Convenient storage


Thanks to the high-quality steel frame, Medline’s durable transport chair can handle bumpy terrain with no problems. It also won’t get chipped or bent when you travel by plane, bus, or train.

Moreover, the wheelchair supports up to 300 pounds of weight and has a comfortable nylon upholstery that’s easy to clean.

The larger wheels at the back also ensure good performance on different terrains, while the brakes allow caregivers to steady the chair when lifting patients in/out. 

However, since this wheelchair is made of steel, it’s not the lightest transport chair. Still, it’s not as heavy as traditional wheelchairs and is perfect for tight storage spaces since it folds. 

One thing we noticed on both Medline options is that people have a difficult time getting the company to honor their warranty. So, while it’s a great option overall, if it breaks, it could become a major hassle.

Medline Steel Transport Wheelchair with 19" Wide Seat, Easily Folds for Travel and Transport, Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Item Package Length: 23.495cm
  • Item Package Width: 62.23cm
  • Item Package Height: 76.2cm
  • Item Package Weight: 13.925 kg

# 14 Hi-Fortune Self-Propelled Chair With Travel Bag And Cushion

Hi-Fortune Magnesium Wheelchair 21lbs Lightweight Self-propelled Chair with Travel Bag and Cushion, Portable and Folding, 17.5” Seat, Red, 21lbs

Last but not least, Hi-Fortune makes our list of the best transport wheelchairs with its impressive handy features and stunning design.

Benefits Drawbacks
Easy to assembleExpensive
Self-propellingOnly a 220 lb capacity
Magnesium alloy frame
Quick foldable design


Most lightweight wheelchairs for travel have small front and rear wheels, which require another person to push the chair. 

However, Hi-Fortune’s chair has large wheels that allow self-propelling to increases your limited mobility and give you back your independence.

The larger rear wheels also provide better stability and security on uneven grounds, while the rear and handbrake make it easier than ever to park the wheelchair and control speed. 

Another thing that’s great about this wheelchair is the ultralight magnesium frame, which weighs less than 14 pounds (without footrests/wheels).

Thanks to the quick-release hinge, you can fold the wheelchair in seconds and have it ready for storage or transportation. Even when unfolded, the chair is light enough to carry/lift without straining. 

For added comfort, you’ve got padded armrests, swing-away leg rests, and soft upholstery to reduce aches/pressure ulcers. Anti-tripper also reduces the risk of accidents. 

Wheelchair users and caregivers also appreciate that the chair requires minimal assembly and that it comes with a 1-year warranty on the frame. You also get a travel bag and cushion.

Hi-Fortune Magnesium Wheelchair 21lbs Lightweight Self-propelled Chair with Travel Bag and Cushion, Portable and Folding 17.5” W Seat, Park & Brake Anti-Tipper, Swing-Away Footrests, Ultra-Light, Red
  • MATERIAL: Made from super strong ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy frame features a quick release hinge to fold down for easy storage and transport. Due to its lightweight nature this chair is ideal to travel and can be easily checked on a airplane and loaded aboard in the cargo compartment
  • COMFORT: To enhance the comfort level there are padded arm restas and swing away leg rests. The larger rear wheels provide better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces while the convenient top hand brakes make it even easier to control speed. You can use this chair self propelled or with assistance
  • ASSEMBLY: No tools and essentially no assembly required. Simply attach the footrests and back safety rollers and you are done. The quick release wheel sand removable footrests make transporting the chair in any size vehicle quick and painless.Solid 6 inch PU Front Wheels
  • SIZE: Seat width is 17.5” with a weight capacity of 220lbs. Before you order the product check to make sure the chair will fit through the home doors and hallways. Overall, the chair weighs 21 lbs. Chair includes a 1 year frame and components warranty against defects
  • SAFETY: Rear and hand brakes to not only make the riders times safer but also to make the assistant's job easier. The anti-tippers also enhance your safety

How to Choose A Lightweight Wheelchair?

By now, you’re probably wondering how to choose the best lightweight wheelchair. So, let’s talk some more about the features you want when shopping for the best transport wheelchairs.

#1 Sturdiness

Transport wheelchairs should be light enough to lift and carry but durable enough not to fall apart when a person uses them. 

Look for transport chairs made of high-quality aluminum or steel with an average weight of 20-25 pounds. Such chairs remain easy to push around and won’t break on the first bumpy ride.

#2 Easy to Maneuver

The best transport wheelchairs are easy to maneuver on different surfaces. They allow you to fit through narrow doorways and have excellent traction on grass, sand, cement, etc. 

Since most transport wheelchairs are designed to maneuver tight space, you should make careful attention to the chair and seat’s dimensions to find the right fit. 

#3 Safety

Brakes, seatbelts, anti-trippers, and loops are some of the safety features you want in a transport wheelchair, especially if the user lacks upper body strength.

Sufficient braking power is also important to prevent rolling on uneven surfaces. 

#4 Comfort

Since transport wheelchairs aren’t designed for long-term use, there’s much room for improvement when it comes to comfort.

Look for transport wheelchairs with a little bit of padding or consider getting a seat foam cushion to prevent discomfort.

#5 Portability

Most transport wheelchairs are foldable, which is great for transportation/storage. However, make sure that the chair folds/unfolds quickly and doesn’t require assembly/disassembly tools. 

FAQs about Transport Wheelchairs

You’ve probably got tons of questions about transport wheelchairs. Allow us to answer the most common ones and shed some light on the benefits of using transport chairs. 

What Is a Transport Wheelchair, and Who Should Get One?

Transport wheelchairs are a type of walking aid that combines the features of a wheelchair and rollators. They’re light, foldable, and easy to move from one location to another. 
Still, transport wheelchairs can’t replace electric wheelchairs or manual ones completely. They don’t have the same level of functionality or comfort. 
As such, transport wheelchairs are best suited for people that can’t use manual wheelchairs for some reason, have to travel by train, bus, or plane, or are looking for temporal mobility aids.

Is a Transport Chair Right For You?

It depends on several factors, such as your condition, mobility, how much assistance you need, and your upper body strength.
If you have to travel often, navigate tight spaces, or tire easily when walking, you might benefit from a transport wheelchair. People who lack the strength to propel themselves also might find transport wheelchairs useful.

What to Look For in a Transport Wheelchair?

Look for something light, made of durable material to withstand frequent use. Most transport wheelchairs are made of aluminum which is light and cheap, but it’s also not as durable as steel/titanium. You also want to ensure that the transport wheelchair has an efficient braking system and safety features to prevent tripping/falling. 

How Much Do Transport Wheelchairs Weigh?

On average, transport wheelchairs weigh between 15 and 35 pounds. It depends on the material and if the footrests/wheels are removable.

What’s the Difference Between a Wheelchair And a Transport Wheelchair?

The main difference between manual wheelchairs and transport wheelchair is the ability of the user to propel themselves. Unlike standard wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs have small wheels that don’t allow people to propel themselves. They aren’t designed for independent use and require a caregiver/family member’s help. 
Moreover, transport wheelchairs are foldable to allow for easy transportation and are less bulky so that they don’t take much space around the house. Unfortunately, transport wheelchairs often have fewer extra features than standard wheelchairs. But they tend to be more affordable. 

How Much Does a Transport Wheelchair Weigh?

Weight varies by manufacturer but is typically within the 15-30 pound range.


Transport wheelchairs are perfect for many outdoor activities that might be impossible for standard manual/electric chairs.

A lightweight, foldable wheelchair is also an excellent affordable alternative if you need a short-term mobility aid and don’t have much storage space.

Moreover, Medicare covers transport wheelchairs for specific conditions, so you should talk to your doctor if you’re eligible. 

Best Pick

While all transport wheelchairs that we reviewed do an excellent job, there’s one that stands among all the models with its handy features.

We’re talking about Karman’s Transport wheelchair. It’s our pick because it features the lightest frame on the market and the only one with a frame shape that follows the body’s natural curves.

Moreover, Karman’s wheelchair has excellent safety features, folds quickly, and has good traction on various surfaces.

While it’s not the cheapest option and might be over budget for some people, it’s an excellent investment if you frequently need to travel or carry a wheelchair with you. 

Karman Healthcare S-2512 Ergo Flight Transport Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Luxury Seat, 16", 18 Pound
  • Weighs only 18 pounds ; 6” x 1” Polyurethane Front Casters
  • Anti Tippers, Seat Belt, and Carry Pouch Included
  • Removable Footrest and Fixed Armrest
  • Companion Brakes standard
  • Patented Ergonomic Seating Frame
  • Dimensions of the seat is 17 x 16 x 19 inches and the height is 19 inches. Weight capacity of 220 lbs
Looking for the best transport wheelchairs? We've got you! We shared an in-depth review of 13 best options along with their features.

What do you think about these 14 best transport wheelchairs? Which one is your favorite? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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