Featherweight Travel Wheelchair Review (Benefits & Drawbacks)

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Are you wondering if the Featherweight Travel Wheelchair is the right mobility chair for you? 

My grandfather has been using this manual wheelchair for a few months, and I’m here to share my detailed review.

So, please keep reading to find out more about the features of this lightweight wheelchair and what its pros and cons are.

Quick Summary

  • The Featherweight Travel Wheelchair is one of the lightest wheelchairs and an excellent option for wheelchair users that need something compact and easy to navigate.
  • The Feather Travel Chair has a few advantages over other transport wheelchair brands and impresses with its design. 
  • You can purchase the Featherweight Travel Wheelchair from online retailers.

Featherweight Travel Chair Review

Before I get to my detailed Featherweight Travel Wheelchair review, let’s establish what a travel/transport wheelchair is and what makes it different from a standard wheelchair.

As experts from Karman Health Care say, “Transport wheelchairs are the lowest priced wheelchairs available and are also very light and portable.” (1)

However, travel wheelchairs don’t have the same comfort features as traditional models and don’t offer the same level of independence. 

So, is Featherweight a suitable travel chair for you? Let’s discuss its key features in detail or check the table below.  

Featherweight Travel Wheelchair Standard Features

Weight13 lbs.
Overall Length and Width24″ x 23″
Folded Width15″
Folded Dimensions 29″ x 24″ x 9″
Seat Dimensions18″ x 17″
Maximum Weight Capacity3000 pounds
Turning Radius 33″
Brakes Push to lock manual brakes
Front caster wheels6″
Rear wheels 8.5″

The Feather Travel Wheelchair is made from high-quality material and is one of the lightest wheelchairs you can find, weighing 13 pounds.

It has a matte black frame with an 18″ seat cushion,  a 16.5″ seat back height, and fixed padded armrests. 

The frame also has available space for attaching footrests for additional user comfort. And you can fold it for storage or transportation (folded width of 15″).

The ergonomic design makes it perfect for traveling or navigating streets, while the 6″ front and 8.5″ rear wheel sizes ensure a smooth ride. The rear wheels come with wheel locks. 

The wheelchair also has a maximum weight capacity – it can support wheelchair users up to 300 pounds. And you can purchase handbrakes for additional security. 

Best of all, the chair ships ready to assemble. All I had to do was to remove the wheelchair from its original packaging, unfold it, attach the Velcro seat back, and install the leg rests. 

The company offers one year warranty on the frame and a six-month warranty on the wearable parts. And you can always contact Feather’s customer support if you encounter any problems. 

Check this video to see its features in short:

Benefits and Drawbacks of Featherweight Wheelchair

So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of the Featherweight Travel Wheelchair? Keep reading to see them in detail, or check the below table!

Benefits of Featherweight Travel WheelchairDrawbacks of Featherweight Travel Wheelchair
Lightweight frameThin seat cushion
High-quality constructionNon-removable armrests
Compact size when foldedHandbrakes costs extra
Fixed padded armrestsNot many safe features
Easy to navigate and push aroundNot suitable for uneven terrain
Machine-washable seat back and bottom 
Easy to lift, carry, and transport 
Rear wheel locks  
Fits in storage closets, trunks, etc.  
Attachable leg rests  
1-year warranty on the frame 

Benefits of Featherweight Wheelchairs

The biggest benefit of the Featherweight Travel Chair is its lightweight frame, allowing you to lift, fold, and transport the chair without breaking a sweat. 

Since the wheelchair folds, it doesn’t take up much space around the house when you don’t need it. And you can fit it without problems in the car’s trunk or storage closet.

Moreover, this Feather Travel Wheelchair is easy to maintain since you can remove the back and bottom rests and toss them into the washing machine.

I also like that it’s easy to navigate the chair with the push handles, and I don’t have to apply much strength to get it over obstacles. The frame is also of high-quality material, so it doesn’t scratch easily. 

And the wheelchair has a turning radius of 33,” so it’s a good option for making smooth turns. But it struggles a bit in tight spaces. 

And since it’s a manual wheelchair without any electrical components, you don’t have to worry about removing batteries when traveling on airplanes.

Drawbacks of Featherweight Wheelchairs

While Feather Travel Chair is an excellent transport wheelchair, it has some drawbacks.

For starters, it doesn’t have many safety features besides the brakes. And the manual wheel locks are located in the rear and are difficult to reach, especially if you have limited mobility. 

Moreover, the wheelchair seat is a bit thin, and the padded armrests don’t offer much comfort. So, you get uncomfortable if you have to spend hours in this wheelchair. 

Travel chairs also require someone to push you around because the front and rear wheels are too small to allow you to self-propel. And the wheels aren’t the best for traveling on uneven terrain. 

And I don’t like paying extra to get the handbrakes, especially since the Featherweight isn’t the most affordable travel wheelchair.   

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How Does It Compare to Other Travel Wheelchairs?

So, how does the Featherweight product compares to other manual travel wheelchairs? Let’s start with the weight.

Travel wheelchairs from competitive brands weigh around 25 pounds. So, Featherweight is one of the lightest models you can find, perfect for people that can’t lift heavy objects. 

And even though Featherweight is so light,  it has a similar weight capacity to other brands – 300 pounds. So, the frame is of superior quality and won’t bend under pressure.

Featherweight doesn’t stand out much among the competition in terms of comfort for users. It doesn’t have ergonomic cushions for comfort, swing-away footrests, or full-deck armrests.

However, its seat, backrests, and frame are easy to maintain. And you can always purchase a wheelchair seat cushion for additional comfort.

But what about the Featherweight travel wheelchair vs. Featherweight Ultra Light Wheelchair? Let’s compare them! 

Featherweight Travel Wheelchair vs. Featherweight Ultra Light 13.5 Pound Wheelchair

The biggest difference between the two models is the wheels. The Ultra model has a large rear wheel size, allowing you to propel the chair. It also has a lower weight capacity – 250 pounds. 

The other significant difference between the two Feather Chairs is that the Ultra model features optional quick-release wheels, anti-trippers, and wheelchair accessories. 

The Ultra model is also much more expensive than the standard Feather wheelchair. And it has a total weight of 19 pounds with the wheels attached (13.5-pound frame).

If you need something of high quality to get you from point A to point B, the 13-pound Feather wheelchair is the better option. Go for the Ultra Light model if you want more independence or safety features. 

So, where can you find these fantastic travel wheelchairs?

Where to Buy Featherweight Travel Wheelchairs?

One of the best places to purchase Featherweight wheelchairs is 1800wheelchair.com. It’s a reliable online wheelchair shop offering quick delivery and a 30-day refund if unsatisfied. 

However, you’ll have to pay a 10% restocking fee and return the wheelchair within 30 days to get your refund. And you’ll have to cover the shipping cost. 

Another option is to consider an in-store retailer, such as Mobility City. Amazon also has a selection of Feather wheelchairs. 

How Much is Featherweight Travel Wheelchair?

At the time of writing, the Featherweight wheelchair costs $379 without handbrakes and $399 with the brakes included.

If you purchase through 1800wheelchair.com, you can pay in installments, starting from $12.87 per month. 

Moreover, you can use Medicaid to cover 80% of the cost and pay the 20% yourself. But you must meet certain requirements, so you should speak with your health provider. (2)

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1. What Is the Lightest Wheelchair Available?

The Featherweight wheelchair is one of the lightest manual wheelchairs, weighing 13 lbs. Feather also has one of the lightest power wheelchairs, weighing 33 lbs. 

2. How Much Does a Featherweight Wheelchair Weigh?

A Featherweight travel wheelchair weighs 13 pounds, while the Feather Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair weighs 13.5 without wheels (19 pounds total weight). 

3. Are Lightweight Wheelchairs Easier to Push?

Lightweight wheelchairs are easy to push, and you can lift them over obstacles without much hassle or transport them to another location. 

4. What Does a Lightweight Wheelchair Cost?

A lightweight wheelchair can cost around $300 -$700, depending on the frame material. Lightweight power chairs cost around $3000, depending on frame material and features. 


The Featherweight Travel Wheelchair is an excellent option for people with limited mobility that need reliable transport. It unfolds quickly and without any hassle.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about assembling it because it’s simple to attach the backrest and the leg rests. You can be ready to travel in a couple of minutes. And its frame will last years. 

Featherweight Travel Wheelchair

What do you think about the Featherweight Travel Wheelchair? Have you ever used it? Share your thoughts about its features in the comment section. 


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