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How to Fold a Rollator Walker for Proper Storage (Guide)

Written by Claire Bonneau
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A rollator walker is probably one of the most valuable inventions for many seniors and individuals with slight mobility issues. [1]

As mobility aids, they provide a lot of conveniences so that these individuals may continue to live independently as they go through their daily routines.

There is a slight problem, though, when it comes to using a rollator. Users find it quite challenging to store them away when they need to.

While folding a walker may seem like a difficult task, these tips may help make a seemingly difficult task more manageable for you to do.

Folding a rollator depends on the kind of rollator that you have: traditional and side-folding.

How Do You Fold a Rollator Walker?

Traditional Rollators

Traditional rollators are the usual ones you see with the seats and underneath baskets. They may be a bit heavy, so they may give you a bit of a problem if you have to lift them. [2]

They also are a bit unstable when folded, so you may find it hard to lean them against a wall during storage.

traditional Rollator Walker

If you do need to fold a traditional rollator, you may find these tips helpful so storage won’t be much of a problem for you:

  • Expose the crossbar that lies underneath the attached basket by removing the basket.
  • Position yourself behind the rollator and lift the seat flap.
  • Grab the crossbar as you lift the seat flap and pull the crossbar in an upward motion until the rollator folds and gets flattened.

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Side-Folding Rollators

Side-Folding Rollators.jpg

Side-folding rollators are easier to handle than traditional rollators since they can stand independently when folded.

In terms of weight, though, they are, more or less, the same weight as traditional rollators.

There are those made from carbon fiber, though slightly lighter in weight.

Side-folding rollators usually have a handle attached at the middle of the seat, which you can pull in an upward motion to fold the rollator.

A clip keeps the rollator folded, making it easy to store and put away.

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This video demonstrates how to fold a side-folding rollator in a few easy steps.


How to fold a Medline rollator walker?

To fold some Medline rollator walker models, push up your seat and then grab the strap that is connected to the folding mechanism.

The folding mechanism is the two thin bars that attach to the walker’s legs, one on each side. Simply pull the strap straight up, and it will pull the walker together. Just note that the strap might be hiding under the soft basket that sits under the seat.

However, some models, like the Empower, fold differently. For this model, push the yellow covers, just under the handles, down and turn the handle inwards at the same time. Do this on both sides.

Release the cover and let it click back into place. Then grab the yellow handle under the seat and pull it up, holding onto one of the handles.

In Conclusion

So next time you need to store your rollator, make sure to use some of the tips above and let me know how it went.


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How to Store Your Rollator Walker

Do you have other tips on how to fold a rollator walker? Let us know below!

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