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Are Recliners Good for Seniors? (Know The Pros & Cons)

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They are some of the most comfortable seats, but are recliners good for seniors? Recliners are perfect for people of all ages.

Recliners boost independence since people don’t need help to rise from them and help deal with health issues such as poor blood flow, arthritis, and back pain, all issues common in seniors.

Let’s take a deeper look at why recliners are perfect for seniors. Read on!

Key Takeaways

  • The right recliner is suitable for a senior and will boost their independence.
  • Recliners are comfortable, provide posture support, and ease recovery from back pain.
  • The best recliner for a senior is comfortable and has all the extra features they need.
  • Medicare can help with part of the cost of a medical recliner chair.

Recliners: A Genius Option or a Nightmare for the Elderly?

My old man had always wished for a recliner chair. He’d talk of how it could make someone forget all their problems once they’re in their favorite reclined position.

recliner for senior but are recliners good for seniors

Chairs are becoming a better option for people with less ability to move, according to the U.K.’s National Health Association (1).

I knew a recliner to be one of the most comfortable chairs someone could have. But are recliners good for seniors?

Oh yes, they are. The recliner chair offers maximum comfort to an aging person. And you need to ensure you get a comfortable seat.

For someone with mobility issues, recliner chairs are an excellent choice. Most seniors have various mobility issues that affect their daily lives (2). That’s where a recliner comes in handy.

What benefits will a recliner offer to a senior that a wide seat with the typical modern design wouldn’t?

In this video, join me as we explore practical tips and strategies to prevent our elderly loved ones from falling out of their recliners:

The Benefits of a Recliner to an Elderly Person

1. Recliners Improve Mobility

The CDC reckons that 1 in 7 American adults has a mobility issue, with it becoming more pronounced in older people (3).

With modern design recliners, you can go from seated to standing at the push of a button or remote control.

That makes it easier for someone with limited mobility to get themselves in an upright position, perfect for movement.

2. Recliners Improve Blood Circulation

The ideal recliner chair for seniors will have unique features to ensure ultimate comfort. One of these features is a leg rest that ensures easier foot elevation.

In the below YouTube video, Dr. Rob Hicks says recliner chairs will help ease blood circulation problems among various health issues.

Remote control recliners for the elderly ensure raising your feet isn’t a problem. That improves blood flow to the feet. That will, to an extent, help deal with blood pressure issues.

3. Recliners Are Comfortable

There’s no better way to relax than to sit in a comfortable recliner chair. Since you can adjust them, unlike the regular chair, the seat height is usually perfect.

That makes for comfortable seating since you can select comfortable positions to sit in.

There are few comfortable regular chair positions for someone with limited mobility. That level of comfort makes the reclining chair an excellent choice for seniors.

4. Recliners Offer Proper Lumbar Support

Low back pain is one of the most common medical conditions for adults aged 60 and over. One common cause of the health condition is poor posture (4).

The ergonomic design of most types of recliners improves an older person’s balance when in a seated position.

Recliner chairs offer excellent support for the lumbar region, helping ease this issue in seniors.

5. Reduce Instances of Caregiver Burnout

Stand-up recliners for the elderly help not only the user. They also make a caregiver’s work easier.

The chairs are easier to rise from, ensuring caregivers have an easier time helping seniors.

6. Recliner Chairs Boost Sleep for Elderly Individuals

Elevated sleep in recliners helps seniors deal with obstructive sleep apnea.

That’s something else that makes them a fantastic choice for seniors who rarely have the best sleep.

Disadvantages of Recliners for the Elderly

Recliners offer incredible comfort thanks to the relaxed posture someone enjoys, but they also have disadvantages.

1. Recliners Can Cause Back Pain

Recliners might offer your body a relaxed posture but can also cause back pain if you use them for too long.

The wrong recliner chair could cause more harm than good, further exacerbating discomfort for chronic pain sufferers.

2. They Can Be Quite Expensive

Recliners don’t come cheap. An expensive recliner, though worth it, could leave your financial reserves in quite a dire position.

Larger recliners or more sophisticated versions could cost a pretty good amount for their extra comfort.

3. Recliner Chairs Are Larger Than Regular Chairs

The classic design of the recliner is that of a wide seat that takes up more space. Recliners will boost your comfort level, but they will take up space in your home.

Since they are large, it makes them even harder to transport when moving houses.

What Kinds of Recliners Are Best for Seniors?

The reclining chairs for seniors should make it as easy as possible to sit in a reclined position.

The chair should be as comfortable as possible while increasing the ease of rising to a standing position. It should be possible for the user to adjust the reclining mechanism to any position.

reclining chair for senior but are recliners good for seniors

Modern recliner chairs also have extra features to tailor them better for each senior. One such example is recliner chairs with massage capability.

A massage recliner could be the perfect choice for a specific senior but not for another.

So it depends on the user’s preference and what works for them.


Will Medicare help me buy a recliner chair?

Medicare covers free recliner chairs and sometimes pays for some of the cost, depending on the criteria you fall under.

Can adjustable armchairs replace a recliner lift chair?

Adjustable armchairs could be a short-term solution to your back pain, but they can’t replace a recliner chair.

Are recliners better for your back than the couch?

Yes, recliner chairs are better for your back than couches. Most couches don’t offer the support a recliner does.


Are recliners good for seniors? Oh yes, they are. The right recliner is nearly ten times better than the most beautiful armchairs.

It ensures the senior is sitting in a comfortable posture and also makes standing up easier. But you have to be mindful of the recliner chair you choose.

So choose a comfortable recliner with ample padding and all the extra features you need.

recliner for senior but are recliners good for seniors

What is the first thing you look for in the ideal recliner chair? Let us know in the comments.


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