Where Can I Rent A Wheelchair Near Me? (TOP 7 Best Places)

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Wondering where you can rent a wheelchair near you? Your first stop should be your local medical supply store. The Internet also allows you to rent from mobility stores all over the country.

This guide is for you if you’re looking for a rental wheelchair to use only for a short time. I have a detailed guide on the best places you can rent a wheelchair, so read on.

Key Takeaways

  • You can rent a wheelchair from almost anywhere, thanks to the internet
  • It’s prudent to rent from a supply store closest to your location to reduce charges
  • Renting charges vary, but they typically increase with the length of the rental
  • The first place to try for a rental wheelchair is a local medical supply store

What Places Can I Rent a Wheelchair From?

The places you’ll have the most luck finding a rental wheelchair are the local medical supply stores. These are usually closest to you and can thus spare you additional charges.

where can I rent a wheelchair near me

There are also many mobility equipment companies available online. These should be the next place you check. Those have a presence across the country and can get a wheelchair to you anywhere, anytime.

Let’s look at the places you can get a rental wheelchair.

1. Local Medical Supply Stores

The solution to your medical equipment rental could be as close as your local medical supply store.

Since they’re closer, the charge range will be fair. There will be no additional charges caused by delivery since you can pick them up yourself or have someone drop them off at your doorstep.

Therefore, the delivery fees won’t be as steep since you’re close enough.

2. Cloud of Goods

If you’re looking for mobility rental equipment, you’ll have the most luck trying online mobility equipment providers.

Cloud of Goods is one such place you can quickly get top lightweight wheelchairs delivered to your location (1).

How it works is that you fill out a reservation form listing your location. The company will get back to you to inform you if you’re within their delivery range.

If you are, their delivery service will get the wheelchair to your hotel or residence. That will either be at the start or the evening before the rental date. That’s how it happened to me.

I was in San Francisco then, and after paying for the wheelchair plus the delivery fee, I shared my delivery address, and they duly delivered.

3. Scootaround

Another option is the mobility equipment rental company, Scootaround (2).

They have different wheelchairs; you can choose from electric wheelchair models to manual wheelchairs. Booking is straightforward.

Call their toll-free number or jump to their website and book a wheelchair. After that, their delivery & pickup service will drop off the wheelchair wherever you are across the US.

4. Mobility Plus

Mobility Plus is another company that can rent you a mobility device (3). They aren’t limited to wheelchairs since crutches, mobility scooters, rollators, and even walkers are available.

They are based in Colorado and will deliver to any location as long as it’s within their delivery range.

5. Midwest Mobility

Midwest Mobility is an excellent option if you’re in Chicago and need a power wheelchair.

You can choose any wheelchair from their vast inventory. Midwest Mobility also offers other medical equipment for sale and rent since they’re also a wheelchair shop (4).

6. Your Health Insurance Provider

If you or your family member need a wheelchair rental, your health insurance provider could be the answer to that.

Most health insurance providers will have a specific wheelchair rental provider they partner with.

Medicare can help pay for the cost of renting a wheelchair, provided you have a doctor’s prescription (5).

7. DuPage Mobility Group

If you’re in Lombardo, Illinois, and need a short-term wheelchair, the DuPage Mobility group is one supply store you can try (6).

They rent and sell various mobility devices, from knee scooters to wheelchairs, and hospital beds, among other devices.

What Kind of Wheelchair Can I Rent?

You can rent just about any wheelchair. Here are some common types available for renting at wheelchair rentals.

  • Manual Wheelchair – Wide
  • Ultra-light standard wheelchair
  • Power Wheelchair
  • 35 – 40lbs wheelchair
  • Electric high-powered wheelchair

Things to Remember When Renting a Wheelchair

Once you’ve identified the rental company you’ll use, renting is pretty straightforward.

However, there are some things you’ll need to keep in mind before taking the mobility aid home.

1. Familiarity With the Wheelchair Will Take Time

Since it’s an entirely new device, it could take some time for you to get used to the wheelchair. It took me about a week to get used to mine.

Since user preferences vary, ask if you can take the wheelchair on a test drive to get a feel of it.

2. Inspect the Wheelchair for Any Damage

Wheelchair rentals pass through the hands of many people. There are chances that you’ll get a wheelchair with some damage. (7)

Inspect the wheelchair and point out any damage to the vendor. You don’t want to pay an extra charge because of defects that weren’t your fault.

3. Your Location Determines The Rental Company To Use

The rental price often varies by location. That’s why you must look for a rental company close to your location.

The company’s location will also determine if you can have an in-person pickup of the wheelchair or have the company deliver it.

4. Book Early To Avoid Missing Out

If it’s a busy time, it makes sense to book a wheelchair early. During graduations and weddings, the demand for rental wheelchairs soars.

Book early enough and know the delivery options if required. Check out the below video for more tips on renting wheelchairs.


Is it cheaper to rent a wheelchair than buy one?

Depending on how long you plan to use the wheelchair, it could be cheaper to buy than rent. Some rental prices could cost the same amount as buying a wheelchair.

Is there a maximum period for renting a wheelchair?

You can rent a wheelchair for as long as you want. Companies even offer duration discounts for people renting for a longer duration.

Are there free wheelchair rentals?

Finding a wheelchair shop willing to rent your wheelchair for free is difficult. Beach wheelchair rentals are the only free option.


Where can I rent a wheelchair near me? If you were struggling to answer the question, hopefully, it will trouble you no more.

Minor injuries, a visiting friend, or an ailing family member can cause you to rent a wheelchair for a while.

Thankfully, there are many places you can rent from, as you’ve seen in this post. Want to rent a wheelchair? Contact any of the options we’ve provided and rent one asap.

Where Can I Rent a Wheelchair Near Me?

So, what do you think? What’s the best place to rent a wheelchair? Let us know in the comments section!


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