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If you’re looking for the best guidance on how to store a wheelchair carrier, we’ll help you out.

Your carrier not only makes it easier to get your wheelchair or scooter in and out of your vehicle, but it also keeps it safe and sound during transportation, so it’s pretty important!

How you store it will determine just how long it lasts (and, in turn, how long it keeps your wheelchair safe).

Let’s go over the types of carriers, then we’ll talk tips on proper storage methods.

Types of Wheelchair Carriers

Generally, when talking about a wheelchair-safe carrier, you can mount the carrier at the rear of your car or install it on the roof.

If you don’t want it to be visible, you have the option of installing your power chair carrier in the luggage compartment.

Wheelchair carriers are designed to fit into most wheelchair-accessible vehicles like SUVs, light trucks, and pickup trucks so you never have to worry about your wheelchair storage solution not working out for you.

They are also made of different materials from sleek plastic, steel to those that have a durable aluminum frame.

Here are the four types of wheelchair storage solutions that you can pick from. We’ve included videos below each to show you an example.

#1 Automatic Car-top Carrier

This is a type of carrier that is switch-operated and comes with a motor drive host. This type of wheelchair lift is best suited for manual wheelchairs.

Before you buy one though, you need to make sure that your truck or SUV can accommodate the weight as well as the size of the carrier.

#2 Bumper-mounted Carrier

Just as the name suggests, bumper-mounted carriers are installed at the rear of the vehicle. For this type of wheelchair carrier design, holes need to be drilled into the vehicle bumper so that you can munt the carrier.

While this carrier attaches to the bumper, you will still be able to access your car’s truck.

#3 Hitch-mounted Wheelchair Carrier

This type of carrier is designed to tip down when you are loading as well as unloading the chair.

Due to the movement and for maximum security, the carrier needs to be securely locked so that the wheelchair doesn’t fall off during transit.

#4 Pickup Carrier

This is a wheelchair carrier that is designed to be used specifically on pickup trucks. The innovative design accommodates an electric lift that picks up the chair and loads it onto the truck bed.

This type of wheelchair carrier works best when you are transporting heavy scooters, power chairs, and other heavy wheelchairs. Such carriers are easy to operate since all you need is to push a button.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wheelchair Carrier

Part of learning how to store a wheelchair carrier is making sure you choose the right one to begin with, so let’s start there.

There is a wide variety of wheelchair carriers that you can use for your transport mobility devices from mobility scooters to manual wheelchairs.

Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when it comes to your wheelchair carrier storage.

knowing how to store a wheelchair carrier like this keeps your chair in good condition for years

#1 Weight Capacity

This is the weight that the carrier can hold and lift. You need to make sure that the carrier you have can accommodate the weight of your wheelchair.

When you are buying the best wheelchair carrier, to be on the safe side, consider going for a carrier that has more capacity than you would need.

#2 Type of Vehicle

The type of carrier you are using should match the vehicle you have. Whether you will be installing it on the roof of the vehicle, the rear, or within the cargo hold, it needs to be suited for that specific vehicle.

#3 The Haul Capacity

This refers to how much weight your car can move and for what length of time. Since cars are big enough in general, your car will be able to haul your chair plus the carrier every time.

Prolonged use, however, could damage the car so ensure that your car has enough haul capacity to accommodate the weight for a long time.

Check out the video below for tips on determining how much weight your car can haul.

#4 Controls

Controls are essential if you have a disability that has confined you to a wheelchair.

Besides the freedom of mobility, controls on a wheelchair carrier help you become more independent since you can use the carrier without requiring any assistance.

When you are choosing the controls of your carrier, consider how flexible you are as well as your range of motion.

How to Store a Wheelchair Carrier

pushing wheelchair inside the van

If you are confined to a wheelchair, you still need to move around and that’s where a wheelchair carrier comes in.

Whether you are going for your regular doctor’s appointment or want to go on vacation, you need to know how to store a wheelchair carrier properly.

Usually, a wheelchair carrier will either be stored inside the vehicle, on top, or at the rear.

They are easy to install and use and all you need is to load the wheelchair onto the platform and be on your way.

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Storing the Wheelchair in the Car

wheelchair stored at the back of the car

If you want to transport your wheelchair inside the truck or car, you have a number of storage options.

First, you need to determine if the carrier will fold into the back of your SUV or the truck.

The other option involves attaching the wheelchair carrier to the back of the car but then it will be visible.

When you are storing the chair inside the vehicle, an automatic top rack carrier will do.

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Using a Scooter or Wheelchair Carrier for Car

There are specially designed wheelchair carriers that you can use when you are transferring electric or manual wheelchairs and scooters.

These carriers are attached to the roof of the car or a van or the back of the car or luggage compartment.

Such carriers are not only simple to mount but are also easy to install. When you are using such a carrier, you only need to load your wheelchair or the scooter on the chair lift and close the gate.

The only disadvantage with such a carrier is that you need to install it first which can take some time.

The carrier also takes up a lot of space in the car which is more space than what you will need if you just folded or took apart the mobility device.

When using a roof-mounted carrier, you need to be very careful and consider the weight capacity of the carrier lest you end up denting your car.

Using Lift Platforms for Trucks and Vans

There are several ways to store a wheelchair carrier and different types of lift platforms that you can use if you have an SUV or a truck.

Some platforms can be installed in the cargo area of an SUV while others have to be attached to the rear of the vehicle.

Whatever kind of mobility device you get, one thing you need to make sure is that it works for your vehicle and most importantly that it works for you.

For instance, if a folding lift model would work best for you, by all means, go for that.

The best thing about getting a lift platform is that it is designed in such a way that you don’t need any kind of transferring when you are getting into the vehicle.

With such a platform also, you never have to worry about disassembling your mobility aid every time you need to get out of the house.

The downside? They don’t come cheap especially the ones made for modified vans and they also take up a chunk of space in your van.

How To Store A Wheelchair Carrier FAQs

Can you operate a wheelchair lift manually?

Wheelchair lifts are designed to be operated by the push of a button giving your more independence. Should the system fail, some models come with a backup feature that allows you to manually operate the chair lift.

What is the best way to store a wheelchair while at home?

If you are not traveling, you can get an overhead storage system that bolts directly onto the ceiling to store your wheelchair when it’s not in use. A wall-mounted storage rack could also work for you.


There are so many options available when it comes to how to store a wheelchair carrier. You can either mount one on the roof of the car or the bumper.

Likewise, some carriers can slide easily inside the luggage compartment of the car. Whatever storage option you use for your mobility aid, make sure that it works for you.


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Knowing how to store a wheelchair carrier properly is a must to make sure that your wheelchair is safe during transit. Read on for more info and useful tips!

Do you have other thoughts on how to store a wheelchair carrier? Please share with us!

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