How to Decorate a Wheelchair: Personalize with Style

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If you’re looking for ideas on decorating a wheelchair, you’ve come to the right place.

A couple of years ago, I was in a chair, so I spent a lot of time sprucing it up with decorations to impress the people around me. 

So, I’m here to share these ideas with you so you can make the next National Wheelchair Beautification Month unforgettable! 

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Key Takeaways

  • It’s easy to bring color to your wheelchair with spray paint, colorful spoke guards, and favorite stickers. 
  • You can decorate a power or a manual wheelchair with simple materials, such as colorful ribbons, LED lights, and flowers.
  • Ensure your wheelchair decorations don’t interfere with your ability to push or control your chair. 

12 Wheelchair Decorative Ideas

Before you get too enthusiastic about decorating your manual or power chair, I should give you a small warning.

wheelchair with cushion

Think carefully before you add any permanent decorations. When you get tired of them, you may find them hard to remove without damaging some of the chair’s components. 

Moreover, ensure that the decorations don’t interfere with your wheelchair’s functionality and don’t make it harder for you to control or propel it around. 

So, how can you decorate your cchair? Here are 12 creative decorative ideas that will improve your wheelchair’s appearance! 

#1 Paint Your Wheelchair

Most chairs are in dull colors, such as black or grey. So, the easiest way to add a personal touch to your chair is by painting it in your favorite color. 

And do you know the best part? You don’t have to paint the whole thing! You can spray paint certain parts to create an amazing piece of art! 

But I’d avoid painting a brand-new model without ensuring it doesn’t violate the warranty policy. And I recommend scraping the old paint to ensure the new layer holds.   

#2 Add Flowers

Flowers are an excellent way to beautify your chair without spending a fortune. You just need faux flowers and a wire or tape to attach them to the frame.

I also like using flowers because they allow you to express your creativity. And they’re easy to remove when you don’t like it anymore. 

Moreover, flowers are an excellent alternative for decorating a chair in your favorite colors without using paint. They’re also a great decoration for any festive event, such as a wedding. 

Check this video to get inspired!

And if you’re a fan of fresh flowers, you can get a water tube for your wheelchair! Isn’t that great?  

#3 Bumper Stickers

Stickers are another favorite wheelchair decoration of mine because you don’t need any skills to stick them to the frame or other wheelchair parts. And they’re suitable for any type of wheelchair! 

Moreover, stickers are an excellent way to express your personality and can be a great conversation starter. And they can help you meet new friends with similar interests!

I also like that you can find various decorative stickers, patches, and decals in online stores. Whatever your preferences, you’re bound to find something that speaks to you. 

And it’s not that hard to get rid of old bumper stickers you dislike and decorate your wheelchair with new ones. Just check this video to see how to remove the residue.

#4 Light It Up!

Have you ever thought about using lights to decorate your chair? Colorful LED lights are an excellent choice to add character to your chair and turn it into something amazing. 

Moreover, as experts from Quantum Rehab explain, “LED lights allow motorized wheelchair users to be seen and provide them with visibility as well.” (1)

And you’ve got more light options than you can imagine: 

  • Spoke lights. They install on the wheel spokes to turn your wheels into colorful circles when you move around. 
  • Install lights inside the wheels. It’s another great way to make a lasting impression.  
  • Get rear wheelchair lights (best choice if you want to be visible at night). 
  • Get multicolored LED caster wheels if you truly want to make a fashion statement. 

#5 Add Colors with Seat Cushion Covers 

Another great decoration idea is a custom seat cushion cover. Chair seat cushions are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and fabrics, so you have plenty of choices. Checkout comfortable seat cushions here

You can always make a custom cushion if you’re good at sewing. Make it as colorful as you want to stand among the crowd and attract curious glances. 

However, I advise you to make your wheelchair seat covers from a breathable material, or you’ll get sweaty.

#6 Get Spoke Guards

Do you know what a spoke guard is? Spoke guards fit over your chair’s rear wheel to protect your fingers when you self-propel the chair. 

But besides being practical, spoke guards are a great way to add a touch of personality to your mobility device. You can opt for a ready-to-use spoke guard design or request a custom one: 

  • Check Izzy Wheels. They’ve got a wider range of wheel covers, so you’ll find something to match your personality. 
  • Physipro Spoke Guards are also an excellent option because their products are designed to fit all types of wheels. And you can request a custom design from a picture. 

#7 Be Unique with Wheelchair Push Rim Covers

Pushrim covers are an excellent decorative idea because they allow you to hide all the ugly scratches and bring color to your wheelchair.

Moreover, push-rim covers are more comfortable than the metal rims, especially in hot or cold weather. 

I use RehaDesign’s products, and they work better than expected. And I like that they’re easy to install and come in a variety of colors. 

#8 Decorate with Ribbons/Streamers

If you’re looking for a cheap way to decorate a chair, use colorful ribbons or streamers. Wrap them around the arms or frame to make your wheelchair unique.

I like using ribbons because I make my chair as colorful as I want, and it’s easy to switch the appearance when I attend formal events. 

Besides ribbons, I also often use washi tape. It’s thin, durable, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Washi tapes come in various patterns, so my chair always looks amazing when I’m done. 

Moreover, ribbons and washi tapes are easy to use, so decorating your chair requires no special skills- just imagination. 

#9 Add a Wheelchair Accessory

If you’re not crafty and are worried about installing LED lights or wheel covers, you can still add a touch of color to your wheelchair with accessories.

My favorite accessory is a wheelchair bag because it’s handy for shopping and storing personal items within grasping range. I also love umbrellas, blankets, and wheelchair armrest covers. 

You can also find plenty of unique cupholders online that will add a touch of color to your mobility device and keep your drink close by. 

#10 Get a Wheelchair Safety Belt

A chair safety belt is an excellent way to beautify your chair and add a touch of safety, especially for people prone to falling or seizures.

You can find plenty of safety belts for online or make one yourself if you’re good at sewing. 

#11 Use Your Knitting Skills

Are you good at knitting or crochet? Then you can knit a shawl or a quilt for your chair! It’s an excellent way to show your personality and make everyone jealous of your skills! 

You can also find plenty of interesting designs on Etsy, which will help you make a unique wheel cover for your chair. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn something new! 

Moreover, knitting is beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety. And according to studies, it can also improve your cognitive functions! (2)

#12 Make Footrest Covers

Why don’t you amaze your friends with your colorful footrest covers? It’s easy to make a pair, even if you’re not crafty:

  • Pick your favorite color and suitable material (it’s best if it’s non-slip and breathable).
  • Measure the footrest’s length and cut four pieces from the material. Don’t forget to leave edges for the sewing. 
  • Get a needle and thread.
  • Sew two pieces together, leaving one edge open to fit over your footrest. 


1. How do you accessorize a wheelchair?

You can buy plenty of accessories for your chair, such as custom seat cushions, LED caster wheels, bags, wheel covers, etc. 

2. Can I spray-paint my wheelchair?

You can spray-paint chair whatever color you want. However, you should consider what your chair is made of when choosing the right paint. 

3. How can I make my wheelchair look good? 

You can make your chair look good using simple crafting materials like ribbons, washi tape, flowers, spoke guards, etc.  

It’s easy to change your chair’s appearance and make it reflect your personality, style, and hobbies. And you don’t have to be too crafty to transform your wheelchair into something unique!

However, you should be careful with permanent decorations, such as paint, because you may need professional help to redo them without damaging your chair.

And ensure any decorations you buy are compatible with your type of chair! 

What do you think about these 12 decorative ideas? How do you decorate your chair? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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