How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Wheelchair Ramp? (Guide)

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How much does it cost to rent a wheelchair ramp? Many wheelchair users that have to resort to wheelchair ramp rentals ask that question.

Renting a ramp will cost you a minimum of $10 to $20 daily, depending on different factors, such as the length or type of ramp.

Here is all you need to know about rental ramp costs. Read on!

The Cost of Renting a Wheelchair Ramp Explained

Here is a simple summary of what to expect when renting a wheelchair ramp.

Size of RampRamp Cost
2ft ramp$150
4-6 ft ramp$150- $600
7-10 ft ramp$200- $600
wheelchair ramp place in front of an older building

Most rental companies will rent you a wheelchair ramp for as low as $150, depending on the length of the ramp.

Small ramps are your best bet when dealing with a temporary mobility issue. They’ll usually have low rental prices and will offer reliable access to your home.

The caveat to this is the 1-month minimum rental period. That price is also exclusive of installation and delivery costs.

A large ramp (30 feet with four by four-inch landings) could cost $331 per month.

There’s also the matter of installation and delivery, which could have a fee upwards of $1,000. Additional landings will also raise this price.

Here’s a video showing a wheelchair ramp installation.

Nina Creech, senior operations vice president at an accessibility modification service company in Ohio, says some rental companies can charge $10 for every linear foot. [1]

The ramps usually have ADA-compliant configurations, which use the 1:12 rule. This rule ensures all ramps can work for standard wheelchairs or any other mobility device, such as a scooter.

Depending on your area’s labor costs and the ramp type, that price will go up or down.

Some wheelchair ramp rental companies offer you the option to turn the rental into a permanent purchase.

They’ll usually even factor money paid during the rental period into the final cost. Lifeway Mobility, for instance, allows for 70% of the costs to apply to the total ramp cost.

Why Rent a Wheelchair Ramp?

Ramps are expensive. Also, high labor rates and the cost of additional materials make it hard to build a ramp.

But is that all there is when renting this all-important home feature that could prove a medical necessity? No. There are additional benefits.

Here’s why people rent a wheelchair ramp.

1. It’s Cheaper to Rent Than Buy

Consider this question: “how much does it cost to rent a wheelchair ramp?” It’s cheaper to use wheelchair ramp rentals than to buy one outright. You get to pay less per linear foot for the rental ramp than if you bought one.

You also get to avoid the hustle of installing the ramp. So it is an affordable option because there is no need for additional labor costs.

2. Renting is Best for Temporary Mobility Issues 

If you have a person with temporary mobility issues visiting or only need the ramp for a short period, it’s better to rent.

For instance, if you know you’ll use a wheelchair for a short six months, there’s no need to get a permanent concrete ramp.

A semi-permanent portable ramp would be a better fit in such a situation. Fortunately, with the many types of ramps available, it’s easy to get one that will boost your quality of life in the short term.

3. For Special One Day Events

If you are holding a special event that you figure will have some wheelchair users, there’s little need to buy a wheelchair or scooter ramp.

Permanent ramp installation for an event that will only last a few days isn’t worth the cost. So it’s better to rent a portable ramp.

4. When You Live in a Rented Apartment

Building a larger ramp at rented premises could cause issues with your landlord because of the lack of additional space for a permanent fixture.

You could need the assistive equipment, but with no ample space for permanent outdoor ramps, your landlord probably won’t let you. So it’s better to rent.

Is it Better to Buy, Rent or Build a Wheelchair Ramp?

Renting wheelchair ramps, though slightly cheaper, could have a higher average cost in the long run than buying one outright.

an old wheelchair threshold ramp

But then what if, instead of renting or buying, you build a ramp instead? Which of the three options is best?

Let’s run down the figures involved.

1. Buying a Wheelchair Ramp

If you’ll need the ramp for a long time, it’s better to buy it. What’s a long time here? A period of over six months. The ramp purchase price is high, but it will be worth it.

So what are the budget requirements? A long aluminum modular wheelchair ramp cost can be as much as $11000. The price will increase or decrease with the length or type of the ramp.

For instance, a portable wheelchair ramp offering temporary or semi-permanent home access could be cheaper. The same goes for wooden ramps.

2. Building a Wheelchair Ramp

You’ll need a minimum of $1000 to build a wheelchair ramp. That figure can rise as high as $4000, depending on the cost of materials for the ramp.

You’ll need a professional well versed with outdoor ramps to build such ramps. According to Home Advisor, an instant estimate website, the total cost of building a ramp could be between $1,017 and $3,193 [2].

Some ramps have lower installation prices depending on the material used. Wooden wheelchair ramps are cheaper to build than aluminum ramps. But you’ll need an expert wheelchair ramp builder for the best outcome.

You might not even need financial help for your ramp-building project. If a family member knows how to build a custom-made ramp, you can save some labor costs.

Verdict: If you’ll be in a wheelchair for the long term, buying or building a ramp is better. Renting will ultimately cost more in monthly payments.

But renting is your best option if you won’t need ramps for long.


Do I qualify for a free ramp with Medicaid?

Unfortunately, the state-based assistance program doesn’t pay for wheelchair ramps. The government assistance program only caters to medically necessary equipment for which ramps don’t qualify.

How long Can I rent a ramp?

You can rent a ramp for as long as you need it. Some retailers will even rent you the ramps for a day or a week.


How much does it cost to rent a wheelchair ramp? The average cost for a simple wheelchair ramp is between $1000 and $4000, depending on the type of ramp.

It’s better to use handicap ramp rentals than to buy one, especially for short-term needs.

Now you have a better idea of wheelchair ramp costs. Always select a versatile ramp that will cater to your type of wheelchair.

Do you have any accessibility ramp rental ideas you think I didn’t mention? Mention them below in the comments!

wheelchair ramp placed on a door front

Do you have any ramp rental ideas you think I didn’t mention? Mention them below in the comments, and I will include them in the article.


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