Best AFO for Foot Drop in 2020 ( Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Foot drop is a medical condition that occurs due to neurological abnormalities that make it very hard to even walk.

However, the technology invented a device that will take back normality in the lives of people suffering from this abnormality and we are here to tell you more about the best AFO for foot drop.


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With the help of AFO, your foot will get into place and regain healthy posture so that you will be able to stand and walk correctly again.

What is more, with the help of the best AFO for foot drop, you might be able to even get back to jogging.


Best AFO for foot drop will definitely provide you full support and regain stability of every movement.

However, finding the best foot brace for your needs might be a challenge and that is exactly why we are here.

– to help you find the best AFO for foot drop that will regain your mobility and ensure comfort with every step.

The Best AFO for Foot Drop – Buying Guide

You should be aware of the fact that AFO brace doesn’t cure foot drop, but it can provide the essential support and correct the position of the feet.

Yet, getting used to wearing AFO is a bit challenging and that is the main reason why you should pay attention to the features of a product you are about to buy.

Wearing AFO in summer might make your feet and ankles very hot.

The solution to this is finding AFO that has good ventilation holes.

It would be also great to wear think socks that will keep the temperature down.

Next thing is to find AFO with good and quality pads that will prevent rubbing and make each step comfortable.

Comfort is one of the top three requirements when it comes to finding the best AFO for foot drop.

Still, the best AFO for foot drop will keep your feet firmly but provide ease in movement at the same time.

If you don’t have experience with wearing AFO brace, it would be best to wear it gradually so that your feet get used to it without stress.

As you would usually buy shoes that are a good fit for your feet, that is the thing with AFO too.

AFO brace should keep and support your feet firmly.

This way, your whole body and the weight will be distributed evenly on both feet.

The Best AFO for Foot Drop – Feature and Price  Comparison

The Best AFO for Foot Drop – 2019 Reviews

  1. Medium Size Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) Support for Foot Drop by MARS WELLNESS 




  • Provides lateral stability and support
  • Anatomical design
  • For mild and moderate foot drop
  • Versatile shoe fit
  • Adjustable size
  • Great for nerve palsy condition and heel cord tightness
  • Has a padded strap which makes it comfortable to wear


  • It might be visible even under pants
  • Takes some time to soften a bit
  • If you have a bigger foot, this AFO brace might easily break, so be careful with the size

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MARS Wellness has been a leader in medical supplies and equipment for 7 years now.

They designed AFO brace that will provide lateral stability and dorsiflexion assistance for your foot and ankle area by putting them in a proper position.

As the MARS Wellness AFO brace has anatomical design, you should have no worries about irritations or discomfort while using it.

This AFO works great with mild and moderate foot drop conditions.

Even though it comes in medium size, foot part of the MARS Wellness AFO is flexible and thin so that you can trim it around with scissors to make the right fit.

Now that we mentioned the right fit, you will be able to wear some of your favorite shoes no matter of the fact you are wearing the brace, as this AFO brace fits most types of shoes.


Yet, what may matter the most to you is the fact this AFO brace supports the entire foot-ankle area and has the ability to compensate for atrophy.

MARS Wellness added a padded hook-and-loop strap to the brace, which additionally prevents irritations and blisters.

They designed a brace with 3/4 footbed length, which provides optimal flexibility and comfort for the toes.

This AFO is available both for the left and right leg, or individually, and both for men and women.


    1. Soft AFO Drop Foot Brace by Furlove

Best Price Pick



  • Mobilize your foot well
  • Easy to put on
  • Made of breathable material
  • Made of comfortable and pleasant velvet cloth
  • Study and gives your foot right amount of firmness
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Velcro tape appeared as too short for some customers
  • The product doesn’t come with the instructions

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This free size soft AFO drop foot brace by Furlove might be just what you have been looking for!

If you are suffering from foot drop, have Achilles tendon meningitis, calf, spasm, dorsiflexion injury, or plantar fasciitis, then you can expect an improvement in movement and stability by using this brace.

It turned out that the brace is great for stroke patients too.

Furlove designed AFO brace of a breathable foam material, which makes it comfortable to wear and prevents sweating.

This 3-layer ankle wrap cushioned brace is so comfortable to wear you won’t even notice it is there!

What you might especially like is the fact you can wear this AFO brace with laced shoes, slip-on shoes, even barefoot.

Furthermore, you can also remove the sole part during the day, and take it back and reconnect it to the ankle part to provide the maximum support at night and prevent rebounding.

It is completely adjustable to your leg thanks to the magic paste closure and contact buckles this brace has.

The brace is made of velvet cloth, which is extremely pleasant and comfortable for your skin.

The thing customers love about Furlove is that the company gives you a lifetime guarantee for their product and you will get eventually broken parts replaced for free.

Furlove AFO brace will do the right job – put your feet in place and provide you with firmness, but you won’t lack comfort while wearing it.

That is the reason why customers love Furlove!


  1. Drop Foot Brace (Left Foot – L/XL) by Step-Smart

Best Overall Pick



  • ¾ foot plate allows easy and comfortable walking
  • L/XL size
  • Jacob Points design
  • Shock-absorption at heel strike
  • Great resistance
  • Durable bumpers
  • Easy to use


  • You can’t wear it barefoot
  • Doesn’t fit in all shoes

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Step-Smart has one of the energy efficient and competitive foot braces that provides functionality and comfort at the same time.

By wearing the Step-Smart AFO brace, your ankle will remain in place while you are in action, while your toes will still be flexible and have a natural break thanks to the ¾ footplate.

This AFO brace is lightweight, easy to wear, and allows good plantarflexion at heel strike.

What is the catch here?

Step-Smart design provides resistance at the right time – at the second when your heel fits the ground.

This is one of the features where Smart-Step beats their competition.

Once your heel hits the ground without support, it will damage your foot and your ankle.

However, this is not the case with the Smart-Step AFO brace.

This is called shock-absorption.
When it comes to size, this AFO bracelet is made in large and extra large size.

It also has durable bumpers and polypro plastic Jacob Joints, which makes the Smart-Step brace comfortable and natural to wear.

Customers claim they are able to almost walk normally since they started wearing the Smart-Step AFO brace, which is the point of wearing it at all.

What is more, depending on the shoes you are wearing, you might be able to drive cars with your AFO brace on.

This energy-efficient, lightweight, and the low-profile brace is superior to other products when it comes to joints assistance,pre-load help, and different resistance levels, which makes it a perfect choice for people dealing with severe calcaneus pain and trauma.


    1. Foot Drop Splint AFO Brace (M-Left) by Orthomen –

      Quality production pick




  • Versatile
  • Adjustable to your calf
  • Provides lateral stability and dorsiflexion assistance
  • Support for your entire foot and ankle
  • Padded hook-and-loop straps
  • Lightweight
  • Comes at a solid price


  • Some of the customers find it too small for their feet

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People with foot drag due to hemiplegia, nerve injury, sciatica nerve lesion, dorsiflexion injury, calf, and stroke patients find the Otrhomen AFO Brace the best AFO for foot drop.

This AFO brace improves movements while walking and keeps your feet firm and stable.

Ankle support is crucial when dealing with foot drop, and this brace provides even mor than that – a backup for resisting unpleasant spastic tone.

Yet, besides foot drop, you can count on the Orthomen brace if you are diagnosed with foot drag as well.

What you need is the right amount of dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability, while the Orthomen AFO brace gives you this and even more – entire foot and ankle area support.

In order to give you the option to adjust the brace to your leg, the manufacturer designed a brace of thin footplate that is easy to trim with scissors.

On the other side, thick polyurethane on the vertical aspect gives your feet feeling of rigidity and firmness while walking.

Thanks to the padded hook-and-loop straps, you won’t lack support around the calf.

Customers claim the Orthopedic AFO brace helped them with their foot drop by giving them the support they needed and was very comfortable to wear.

Orthopedic AFO brace comes at a great price, which might be an additional plus for this product.


    1. Soft AFO Foot Drop Brace by BraceAbility

Best Customizable Pick



  • Firmly holds your foot in the right position
  • Low profile
  • Dorsiflexion control
  • Made of durable polypropylene plastic
  • Comes with an insert for lace shoes
  • Breathable, open heel design
  • Available in all sizes


  • This AFO brace doesn’t work well with severe foot drop conditions
  • A bit expensive
  • The strap should have been more adjustable

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BraceAbility has one of the best AFO for foot drop on the market that will help you walk more naturally.

If you are dealing with muscle or nerve disorder diagnosis, stroke, or a dorsiflexion injury, the BraceAbility AFO brace will be a lifesaver for you.

This AFO brace is clinically proven to help in reducing and managing pain while walking, discomfort, plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, Achilles tendonitis, and more.

This brace will hold your foot upright no matter if you are walking or running.

By doing this, the BraceAbility AFO brace prevents your foot from dragging and ensures natural and comfortable gait.

Wearing a low profile brace is the most secure way to come to an end of the foot drop.

BraceAbility designed low profile brace with open heel.

This enhances breathability and prevents sweating during summer periods.

The BraceAbility AFO brace is easily adjustable and comes with a buckle strap that provides dorsiflexion control.

Manufacturer recommends you to check their size chart before making a purchase.

Their AFO braces can be work on either leg, with or without a sock.

BraceAbility knows how frustrating stumbling and tripping over can be.

That is why they designed AFO brace that will improve your movements and walking significantly.

Designed of medical-grade Velcro tape, breathable, fully-customizable AFO brace by BraceAbility will support the upper section of your foot and soothe down the pain, making it possible to take long walks during your favorite time of a day again.



Now that you overviewed our list of reviews, we truly hope it will be easy to decide which is the best AFO for foot drop.

Wearing AFO brace will affect your daily routine positively, as it will be much easier to stand, walk, and even jog if it is your passion.

However, this doesn’t mean you should wear a brace that makes it even more uncomfortable to walk.

You need a comfortable brace that will provide you with firmness and keep your feet in place.

The best AFO for foot drop with a soft strap will also prevent blisters and any type of unease.

Just as with everything in life, the best AFO for foot drop will provide you with convenience, support, and comfort, so choose wisely.

Our Choice

Just imagine how time-consuming it would be to search among all of the AFO braces online and compare them.

That is why we made this list and reviewed some of the hottest braces at the moment, hoping that you will find the best AFO for foot drop.

If you ask us, we believe all of the braces we reviewed are great in many ways for your medical condition, but one definitely stands out from the rest.

We are talking about the Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace.

This one provides you with two most important things – comfort and firmness.

With the ¾ foot palate, you will feel like there is nothing on your leg and the fact it doesn’t capture your entire foot makes it more breathable.

On the other side, each step taken with the Step-Smart brace will be painless and secure as this brace provides you great resistance and shock-absorption heel strike.