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Where to Donate An Electric Wheelchair? (4 Places to Consider)

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Would you like to know where to donate electric wheelchairs? Learn more about the various places that accept equipment donations and the life-changing difference your donation can make.

Donating your chair is a great act of showing concern for humanity. By giving your used medical equipment to those who cannot afford them, you can significantly improve their quality of life.

There are several places you can donate your mobility equipment. Check out some of the organizations below.

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Where Can I Donate a Motorized Wheelchair?

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Donating it will go a long way in helping a needy person. You can give it to children or adults with physical disabilities.

Here are some ideas on where to donate an electric wheelchair.

1. Homes for the Disabled Persons

Many homes for the disabled are always looking for people to donate power chairs. You could take the step of looking for a home that supports people with disabilities and donate your power scooters.

You don’t have to look for homes that accommodate people with leg problems.  Other disabilities can affect people making them unable to walk.

Other medical conditions that prevent people from walking include spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy.

So, donating to any home with people with other forms of disabilities is also beneficial. You can donate the mobility scooter to local homes or those located far.

Donating a wheelchair to the disabled makes them feel cared for, allowing them to live a quality life and be independent. For instance:

Emily Ladau is a 25-year-old communications consultant in Long Island, New York, who has Larsen syndrome, a genetic condition that affects bone development.  She says, “My wheelchair … allows me to live my life to the fullest.” [1]

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2. Seniors’ Homes or Organizations

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There are many organizations and homes that house seniors. Often, they may be looking for a good wheelchair for elderly residents.  Most of these homes usually accommodate seniors with mobility issues.

Donating to organizations that support the elderly is also another great option. They are always in need of our support in making donations of equipment. 

Since their work is to focus on offering wellness services to seniors, you’ll be helping them achieve that goal.

When you donate mobility aids, it helps the homes and organizations in their plan to help the seniors with those aids. You can be sure that your donation helps improve the quality of life [2] of the seniors.

3. Medical Equipment Donation Program

The U.S. government and other institutions have programs aimed to improve the life of disabled persons. [3] One way is to encourage people to make donations of equipment to disabled veterans.

You can join one of the many programs and donate your chair.  Your donation is given to veterans or disabled persons, looking for medical equipment.  

4. Religious Groups

You can donate your power wheelchair to religious organizations. The organizations look for wheelchairs to donate to the disabled or veterans in their humanitarian services.

Besides, you can also donate one to a church, mosque, or any other religious organization looking for them for their disabled members to use.  

Watch this video to understand the importance of donating electric wheelchairs.

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What can I do with an old electric wheelchair?

You can donate the old wheelchairs to veterans organizations, nonprofit organizations, nursing homes, and missionary organizations to help those living with disabilities.

Can my corroded equipment be recycled?

Yes. You can donate your broken wheelchairs or corroded equipment to licensed electric wheelchair disposal services that do the recycling and dispose of the parts that cannot be recycled.

What kinds of wheelchairs can I donate?

It all depends on the organization you want to donate your chair to. Always check for the condition and type of wheelchair donation accepted by the different foundations.


There are several places where to donate an electric wheelchair.  You do it knowing that you’re helping someone. Search for an organization accepting the type of chair you want to donate since they have different requirements. 

A quick online search like, “donate used power wheelchair near me” will help you find some organizations local to you.

When you donate your medical equipment, it is advisable to include the user manual and all other accessories you bought the equipment with.

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Have you found a new home for your Electric Wheelchair? Please share with us your experience in finding one in the comment section below.


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