Wheelchair User Stuck On A Train Platform Says: “Access Should be A Given Not a Privilege”

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Chris Nicholson, a wheelchair user who got stuck on a train platform said: “Access Should be A Given Not a Privilege”.

He was traveling to London to attend an event.

Unfortunately, his train was canceled at Milton Keynes.

He was stuck on a platform with no working lift, and no toilet. He was told to wait several hours before they can find a train to come to his platform.

In the meantime, another train was serving a different platform that HE COULD not access.

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Chris Nicholson was in agonizing pain when he had to drag himself up the stairs at a train station. The staff could not help because of “their health and safety policies and they would be at risk if they helped me

Thankfully, a gentleman grabbed his chair while an assistant manager grabbed his bags.

His Instagram post was liked by over 400 people and shared multiple times!

Reactions were instant from other wheelchair users sharing their daily struggle to travel and live their lives!

Here are some of the reactions:

rosiesmith2504: I’m disabled & go out & about & travel a lot… I can quite believe this happened to you because I’ve suffered loads of discrimination & appalling comments just for being on trains/ the tube/ buses etc!
I used to shrink back afraid & cry, but not now, I call them out & give as good as I get & usually better!
No one expects disabled people to bite back, you’re supposed to be at home , unseen , watching daytime tv ! I would seek legal advice to see if you can sue the station management company & claim as much as you can from them, & max the publicity !
mariekeanearts: Just read the story...so sorry to hear this happened. Hope you are ok. We have a friend who is wheelchair bound outdoors. All hers journeys have to be planned. So glad people came to your aid . Good luck

southbourneaccountancy: 😢😢😢 how awful for you. I’m pleased someone had the decency to finally help but it shouldn’t have come to that. This isn’t an uncommon situation though. My friend won’t travel on certain networks as he doesn’t always have access to a ramp. A ramp!! He is so independent and it’s not fair when that independence is taken away.
jessiemay_foodiefitness:  This whole thing is absolutely bonkers! Awful isn’t a strong enough word to explain how much of a joke this whole thing is; from the attitude of the staff, the set up of the train station to the shoddy ‘health and safety’ policy! So sorry you had to go through all of this! Thank goodness for the guy who helped you with your chair and kudos to the assistant manager! ❤️

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