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New Foldable Wheelchair Design Revolutionizes Caregiving

Written by Haley Burress
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Great news for both wheelchair users and their caregivers!

360 Design is working on a next-level foldable wheelchair,  aptly named the Accompanying Wheelchair

What makes it so special and why is this such big news?

Read on for the full story!

New  Foldable Wheelchair Design Keeps Two Parties in Mind

Credit: Trend Hunter

A new wheelchair, named Accompanying Wheelchair, has been designed keeping both the user and the caregiver in mind.

Wheelchair users, more often than not, have caregivers to accompany them in their daily routines.

Taking long walks can be part of a wheelchair user’s activities and this is often done with a caregiver’s assistance.

While the user may be comfortably seated on their wheelchair though, the caregiver is usually left without a place to rest during stops.

With this problem in mind,  a China-based company has thought of a foldable wheelchair design that comes with a pullout seat that can be used by the accompanying caregiver.

Chu Wenbao, the brains behind this amazing concept, is planning to launch the said wheelchair design under C60 Design in partnership with Shenzhen OM Design.

The caregiver’s seat is placed under the main seat of the wheelchair so that it can be pulled out beside the main seat, conveniently positioning the caregiver right beside the user. A strong metal framework is used to safely support the said pullout seat.

The back of the wheelchair is also designed to fold, when not in use, for proper storage.

Although the design is still underway, many are looking forward to seeing this project come to light, myself included!

If it does, it certainly will make life more comfortable and convenient for many wheelchair-bound individuals, as well as those who are tasked to take care of them.

What do you think of the design concept for this intriguing new foldable wheelchair? Share below!

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