Jobs for Disabled People at Home in 2020

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Your disability doesn’t limit you in any way, especially if we talk about jobs for disabled people at home.

Still, some people like it more to work in a professional surrounding, in an office, or another space that is not their home, as this makes them more productive.

Remember that having a disability still means that you can find your dream job, as being an example to the others, a worker of the year, or simply achieve your own standards, without asking for prizes.

The most important thing to know is that you can do whatever you want. You just need laptop.

We are here to talk about jobs for people with disabilities and our data and the facts we are about to present you will surprise you in a more than a pleasant way.

The jobs we are about to suggest you in this article are meant for all generations – going from adolescents to jobs for handicapped seniors.

Jobs Classification


Different types of disabilities are convenient for different jobs.

Let’s classify jobs according to types of disabilities:

  • Carriers for people with speech impairments,
  • Jobs for people with hearing issues or deaf people,
  • Carriers for blind or visually impaired individuals,
  • Carriers for people with learning disabilities,
  • Jobs for people with ADD/ADHD,
  • Carriers for individuals with mental illness,
  • Jobs for people with physical disabilities,
  • Government jobs for people with disabilities.

We bet this list already gives you goosebumps, as there are so many jobs for disabled people at home, in governments, or private companies.

There is a variety of jobs for people with disabilities, all you should do is to be a bit patient, look through new ads, and the right one will come up.


Before You Start Applying



Before you head into looking for new open jobs, you should write down your goals.

No one knows better than you what are you passionate about.

When applying for a job, you would waste your time if you are applying “just because”.

If you want to be the job, you have to be fully confident in your skills, or your desires to learn something new that already interests you.

We all imagine our dream jobs as kids, but the time has come to find that dream job as do it as best as possible.

Being passionate about a job will initially give you an adrenaline injection when talking to a hiring manager, while the passion will transfer to him/her too and you will get hired.

Another great tip here is to write a resume.

Even though it doesn’t seem like an important thing, hiring managers do read through these, or at least fly over it before an interview.

If you don’t have a resume, you can find many templates online and fill them in, but add on some creativity to express yourself more.

On the other side, don’t let the lack of experience hinder you from applying to a job you strongly like.

Even though lack of experience might be minus with some jobs, hiring managers will know how to recognize your potential with the job if you are eager for learning.

What is more, some jobs require passing through tests and getting a certification, which is also a great option.

Always be confident, so your disability never represents a disadvantage in comparison to the other candidates, but an advantage.

The fact that you are a disabled person will never affect your carrier if you are confident about your skills, knowledge, passion about the job, persistence, willingness to learn new things and openness to new experiences.

Jobs for Disabled People at Home


Some people are looking for entry-level positions, others dream about high-end carrier.

Whatever category you are in, we assure you at least one of these jobs for people with disabilities will draw a glance and interest you more than the others.

Here are the top jobs for disabled people at home:

  • Market research analyst,
  • Research assistant,
  • Accountant,
  • Customer service representative,
  • Graphic designer,
  • Call center agent,
  • Data analyst,
  • Web developer,

and many more.

For example, if you have a great organization and analytics skills, then an accountant position might be the right job for you.

It depends on the job, but you can choose to work from home or from the office and work in teams.

Most companies require of their employees to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, as this type of degree prepares you for the exact position.

This is a promising position when we talk about salary and eventual career advancement.

*Bachelor’s degree needed

*With or without experience

*Might be a remote job

*Team or individual work

*Median salary goes from $42,202 to $49,541

*Job for physically disabled people

Market research analyst studies through the market situation and understands the potential of meeting the customers’ needs.

A great thing about this job is that people with disabilities are able to bring in unique insights so that the businesses and products adapt to various customers.

*Skills needed: problem-solving, analytical mind, easiness to understand fluctuations of markets

*Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree is mandatory


*Office based

*Salary varies from $50,000 to $61000

*Job for physically disabled people

Customer service representative communicates directly with customers and clients, or potential clients.

Sometimes duties on this job include billing on accounts or trying to retain the customers.

This is a great job for people who are friendly, communicative, and willing to help the customers resolve problems.

Similar qualifications are needed for a sales representative.

*Working on the phone or computer

*Might be a remote job

*Entry level

*Some companies require years of experience, while others don’t have such requirements

*Median wage is about $34,000

*Job for physically disabled people

People with ADD/ADHD might try these jobs for disabled people at home:

  • Graphic or interior designer,
  • Artist,
  • Writer/journalist,
  • Secretary,
  • Retail manager.

If you suffer from ADD/ADHD, then you are inattentive, hyperactive (impulsive), or combination type.

These jobs will help you focus.


Picasso and da Vinci suffered ADHD, but they maintained that through their biggest passion – art.

Graphic designer conceptualizes design and works with software to develop his/her ideas.

This is a great job for expressing creativity and focusing.

The graphic designer position gives you an option to work independently, but you should meet the deadlines.

*Might be a remote job

*Bachelor’s degree required in most of the cases, but some companies accept certifications

*Experience required

*Wage varies from $46,900 for beginners to $73,500 for people with few years of experience

*Job for people with ADD/ADHD

If you are dealing with mental illness (bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, etc.), don’t worry, as some jobs out there are as tailor-made for you. Some of these are:

  • Data analyst,
  • Data entry,
  • Computer programmer,
  • Hairstylist,
  • Accountant,
  • Animal breeder.

A computer programmer is one of the top wanted professions nowadays.

The market is constantly growing, while there is a lack of employees, so this might spark your attention if this field is familiar to you.

As a computer programmer, you will be writing codes using languages such as Java and C++.

Whatever you write, a computer should understand and turn into operation.


*Might be a remote job

*Bachelor’s, master’s degree needed, or widely accepted certificate

*You might start off as an intern within a company and then level up to a working position

*Salary goes from $45,570 to $79,840

*Job for people with mental illness

Learning disabilities don’t limit you when it comes to finding a job that will cover your monthly expenses and make you content.

People with dyslexia, for example, have issues with reading, writing, and spelling, but some jobs evaluate other skills better than verbal ones.

On the other side, some people with learning disabilities have high emotional intelligence, so they can get a dream job of many regular people.

  • Photographer,
  • Computer animator,
  • Warehouse worker,
  • Housekeeper,
  • Real estate broker,
  • Security guard,
  • Nail technician.


Real estate broker is one of the most dynamic jobs and requires good communication and sales skills.

If working with people relaxes and fulfills you, this job might be the one.

As governments employ people with disabilities according to law, you might find yourself in this type of jobs.

Even though these are a bit less represented, you might get lucky and get a job in administration.

Some government programs are open to new graduates specifically, while others include jobs for handicapped seniors.

The fact that you are deaf, doesn’t mean you should be isolated.

Putting yourself into a passionate area will make you feel good.

Luckily, the market is growing in the last period, offering jobs that cut out the verbal communication loop.

  • Research assistant,
  • Bookkeeper,
  • Data analyst,
  • A web developer or web designer,
  • Technical writer,
  • Carpenter.

Bookkeeper posts information from documents such as invoices, supplier invoices, or cash receipts and checks on document’s accuracy.

*Job at the office,

*Associate’s degree in accounting or business administration needed

*Required experience

*Monthly salary goes from $34,600 and above

*Suitable for deaf people or ones for hearing impairment

Among jobs for disabled people at home, you can find even jobs for blind and visually impaired people.

The road might be a bit tough in the beginning, as people with sight might seem in a better position, but you should be aware that some jobs require logic, work ethic, intellectual skills – no matter of your sight.


  • Accountant,
  • Research assistant,
  • Call center worker or customer service,
  • Programmer,
  • Telemarketer.

If you are interested in programming, your blindness is not an issue at all with this job, as 1% of all programmers in the world are blind.

What is more – a higher percentage of all disabled employees make programmers.

You can choose between computer scientist position ($110,000), software engineer ($104,000), computer programmer ($64,700), and help desk worker ($43,800). All of these jobs require a bachelor’s degree or certification in the relevant field and you might work from home.

As there are jobs that require silent surrounding, you might benefit from this situation.

Dealing with a speech impairment is not an easy task, but you can level it down and talk only when necessary through jobs like this:

  • Accountant,
  • Bookkeeper,
  • Computer programmer,
  • Journalist,
  • Chef,
  • Housekeeper,
  • Assistant engineer,
  • Courier.

We already mentioned some of these jobs above, as they are generally suitable for people with disabilities.

Even if you are a people with speech impairment, you still can find a job and make money, as hiring manager values some skills more.

Jobs for Disabled People at Home : Conclusion

We reviewed some of the best jobs for disabled people at home or in the office, depending on what works best for you – individual or teamwork.

Believe that your disability doesn’t limit you in finding a job and becoming a successful person.

It also doesn’t matter which age you are, as some jobs are more suitable for people who recently graduated, while there are jobs for handicapped seniors too.

Trust your passions, be confident and have fun while searching jobs for disabled people at home – as there are loads of them.




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