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Insights and Support on Loaids’ Senior Lifestyle

Loaids is created with one simple goal – to make life easier for seniors,

people with limited mobility and their caregivers.

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What are Super Agers?

Dayna C

4 min read

Super Agers are people in their 90s, or older, who are able to maintain their …

Unlocking Relief: Navigating Chronic Pain with Massage Therapy

Claire Bonneau

6 min read

20.9% of adults in the U.S. experienced chronic pain in 2021, while 6.9% experienced high-impact …

5 Safety Concerns for Seniors Who Craft & Tips to Avoid Them


5 min read

Are there any safety concerns for seniors who engage in crafting activities? Crafting can be …

6 Excellent Tips For Post Surgery Period

Dayna C

7 min read

Having surgery implies you would have to take some time to recover after the procedure.The …