Disabled Dating (Your Disability Is Not An Obstacle)

Wheelchair enables you to be mobile and perform everyday activities in a much easier way.

Still, there are some more needs than physical ones, right?

You are not bound to live without love.

Every single person on the world deserves to be loved and appreciated.

If you are a single disabled person, don’t lose hope, you will surely find your soul mate, as disabled dating is no different than any other type of dating.

What is more, there are many ways to meet someone who will take a special place in your heart and who will return with the same emotions.

Let’s talk about disabled dating topic gradually.

What Does The Term “Dating” Mean?


So many people talk about dating nowadays, but if you are would want to know what is the true meaning of it, we are here to help.

Dating is a phase in all people’s lives where a certain person meets another person, but the connection goes beyond the level of friendship.

Both persons are having an intimate relationship or marriage in mind during the dating phase, but it doesn’t have to end like that if they find out they are not suitable for each other.

Still, dating is much fun, as it gives you a possibility to meet new people, exchange experiences, learn new things, have a good laugh, and many more.

You still can be friends with someone you dated.

The best part of dating is moving on the other stage, and that is a relationship.

Now you are included in more social activities with the person and you two represent yourselves as a couple.

Beliefs about Yourself


If you would want to date someone, it is very important to free yourself of any negative attitudes of thoughts.

Remember that dating someone in a wheelchair is as normal and usual as all the other people date.

You are not defined by your wheelchair – bear that in mind.

Despite the actual physical challenge, there is a lot more behind it all, as our appearance has nothing to do with our human qualities.

Have a positive and open attitude towards new things – be comfortable with yourself.

Some people wouldn’t even consider dating someone in a wheelchair, but that tells a lot about themselves, not about persons in wheelchairs.

What is more, you should be thankful that you didn’t start off anything deeper with a person who has prejudices about the physical appearance of the other.

These persons usually have big egos and go into narcissism, which is something you would want to avoid.

Disabled dating has much to do with the way you feel about yourself.


As you probably want a successful dating life, it would be great if you could get rid of any burdens, anger, low self-esteem, and any kind of negative emotions or attitude.

Start off with yourself – would you date someone who perceives his/her flaws so much that it affects your relationship negatively?

On the other side, what would you say to a person who enjoys moments, embraces everything life gifts and appreciates people regardless of their flaws?

You would be surprised about the disabled dating facts, as millions of people in wheelchairs worldwide have an active love life, start off relationships, eventually break up, marry, have kids and deal with anything related to love in a completely normal and common way.

The worst thing you can tell yourself is that someone would be with you just because of compassion or pity, as this is completely not true.

A person who is in love with you might grow to understand of the situation in which you are in, or be in the same position, but this kind of connection establishes only when you relate with someone emotionally.



What is the point of this part – be open, be confident, widen your sights, focus on meeting new people (as you won’t be compatible with everyone you meet, which is just fine), look outwards, do things you are passionate about and live life to the fullest.

Wheelchair doesn’t stop you from finding the love of your life and there is no other obstacle that would step on your way, only if you believe in yourself and treat your flaws as your blessings.

Dating is fun, so make sure you don’t miss this.

Never lose perception that even people without physical disabilities sometimes have difficulties in meeting someone special, so basically – you all are in the same position.

Finding soul mate takes some time, so be patient and have fun in the meantime.

Disabled Dating Facts

According to the paragraphs above, we will reveal some of the disabled dating facts.

We are sure some of them will highly surprise you.

  • Disabilities create emotional burden with a high percentage of persons with disability. These people fear rejection and base everything on the disability, even though sometimes there is no objective reason to think that way.
  • The average time for a basic human to get into a serious relationship is no shorter than it takes to any person with a disability.
  • Numerous stereotypes about living with disability induced negative stigmatization and poor experiences when it comes to disabled dating.
  • Believe it or no – 50% of disabled people have never had a sexual relationship.
  • Some people are attracted to people with disabilities and find their appearance and experience with disability alluring.

As you can see, negative perception of disability leads to lack of emotional experiences of disabled people.

However, if you work on yourself and learn how to accept everything life has offered to you, there is much more chance that you will attract new, positive energy in your life.

Disabled Dating Finding My Special Match



If you are a person who uses a wheelchair, deaf, blind, has autism, intellectual disability, or any other type of disability, always remember that you can find love.

People with tattoos, hairless people, obese, anorexic, white or black, redhead, tall or short, with blue, green or hazel eyes, with a speech impediment, learning disability, or any other disability – everyone has equal chance to feel the utmost feeling of deepest happiness and that is love.

No matter if you are a person asking yourself about love lives of people with disabilities, or if you are a person with a disability, the answer is – yes – in both cases.

People love with their hearts, not their bodies.

You surely saw at least one couple where one of them is in a wheelchair, or maybe both, or one of them has some type of disability.

Do you know what is crucial about having a happy love life from a perspective of where you are a disabled person?

Be aware of the fact that you are not an object of pity in the first place.

Secondly, what you want in your life – love, is a 100 % realistic and 100 % achievable goal.

Dating someone in a wheelchair is not a physical thing, as when you fall in love with someone, you fall for their personality in the first place.

It is also important to remember that having a girlfriend/boyfriend sometimes is not equal to having love.

Sometimes it is better to be single for a while, until you meet someone special, than just having someone by your side who doesn’t make you happy.

Eventually, you will find a person who deserves your love and who wouldn’t care about your disability at all, as this love is so pure than your significant other will love your flaws as much as he/she loves your positive sides.

How Can A Disabled Person Meet New People?


Meeting new people means that you will possibly meet someone who will spark your interest or wake up the butterflies in your stomach.

You might feel like disabled dating is tougher than with other,  regular people, but this is simply not true.

It takes some time for everyone to figure out which is the best way for meeting new people, but we will reveal you some of them who might bring in love in your life.

  • Communication software

You surely use at least one of these: Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, or Messenger.

These are some of the most famous software through which you communicate with your family and friends, and also make new friends.

The use of this software is free and you can talk to new people, develop the communication to a friendship level, and eventually grow fonder with the other person.

  • Dating applications

If you would like to be more direct and express what exactly you are looking for, then disabled dating application is the right way to meet a special someone.

This might be a more comfortable way of meeting new people, as you will be talking to persons who have some type of disability – same as you (some people with disabilities believe it is the most convenient to date a person who has a disability too).

However, this doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself from other dating applications regular people do.

As we already mentioned, many people without disabilities date persons with disabilities and that is completely normal.

Just make sure you mention what are you dealing with through the communication, in order to avoid eventual unpleasant situations.

The best way to build on trustable and strong contact and relationship with someone is to be completely honest and open about yourself.

  • Get yourself a pet


This a great option if you love animals, but still don’t have a buddy to cuddle with, play with, and take outside for a walk.

Yes, disabled people, especially ones who use a wheelchair or are blind, have a pet.

A pet will be your best friend, but you still have to take care of it.

Still, taking care of your pet might bring in a positive change in your life, as you would have to leave your house more often.

Going out and walking your pet in the park might bring you some new connections with other people who have pets, so who knows?

Love can be around the corner, and maybe your love for animals will bring you more love in your life.

  • Go to a day center


Day centers are great places to meet someone who is similar to you.

A great thing here is that a day center provides numerous daily activities that bond people who come in there.

You will make new friends this way and improve the quality of your life, but also increase the chances of meeting someone you are compatible with.

We gave you a few simple tips and ways on how to increase the chances of meeting new people.

Take advantage of new technologies and other possibilities through which you will expand your circle of friends.

You should be open about making new contacts in general, as true love is not so easy to find.

However, this doesn’t mean you should think too much about it – let it happen, but also be as sociable as possible, as this matter to your energy flow and the general impression you leave on others.

Disabled Dating    Conclusion

Dating someone in a wheelchair, or someone with another type of disability is a normal thing these days.

No matter what type of disability you are dealing with, you are just enough and you are worth all the best things in this life.

The most important thing in life is to accept yourself and love yourself first, while the right person will love you equally or even more.

If you get a more open and more optimistic attitude, you will experience pleasant and fun disabled dating, which will take you to finding the love of your life.