Is Epilepsy a Disability?


If we start from the fact epilepsy is a neurological disorder, can we give a simple answer to a question is epilepsy a disability? Which factors are taken into consideration when labeling something as a disability? We can’t deny the fact 50 millions of people living with epilepsy deal with a couple of challenges. Some … Read more

Is Autism a Disability?


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Caring For Aging Parents (Quickstart Guide)


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Is Depression a Disability?


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Caregiver Tips : How Can You Help Yourself First?


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Disabled Dating : Your Disability Is Not An Obstacle


Wheelchair enables you to be mobile and perform everyday activities in a much easier way. Still, there are some more needs than physical ones, right? You are not bound to live without love. Every single person on the world deserves to be loved and appreciated. If you are a single disabled person, don’t lose hope, … Read more