Marathon for Seniors : Wisdom of Running

This is a story about a 63-year old senior with a pacemaker who used to think running was torturous, but whom running helped survive through a heart attack, overcome eating disorders, and experience golden years to the fullest. I remember days when I was still in school (yup, a long time ago). Tennis and hockey … Read more

Best Rollator Walker With Seat for Elderly (Newest)

Rollator walker with seat is the right solution for you if you are asking for a device that will improve and restore your mobility and stability. It is intended for the use of disabled persons, elderly people, and patients who are recovering from injuries. We highly recommend the use of senior walkers with seats or … Read more

6 Best Tips on Healing a Broken Leg Faster

One of the most common orthopedic problems is a broken leg. What is more, people all over the world experience fractures or a broken leg bone during their life at least two times. In case you had such experience of a broken leg or fracture, then you know the pain that followed. The next thing … Read more

How to Set up Wheelchair Replacement Parts

How can you turn wheelchair replacement parts into a fun activity? If you are using a wheelchair for some time now, maybe you should think about the replacement of some of the wheelchair parts. However, you can turn the replacement of parts of your wheelchair into an interesting activity – by making your own, custom … Read more

Making Accessible Wheelchair Van on Budget

If you are a disabled or handicapped person who uses a portable wheelchair, you might think that you have restraints upon you. Do you want to ride your car or your van? Well, the good news is that there is a special kind of a wheelchair van that can actually open many doors for you. … Read more

Mobility Assistance Dog : Breeds, Training and Facts

Having a dog means having a loyal and true friend for life, a work partner, and an invaluable family member. A canine offers love and affection unconditionally, which is why it is so easy to create a bond within just a few days. Pet ownership gradually developed a new category – providing assistance and support … Read more

Power chair batteries: Maintenance Guide( Plus 5 Care Tips)

Your power wheelchair can’t work without power chair batteries, which is more than logical. You as a power wheelchair user want to achieve uninterrupted mobility by using long-lasting, safe, and easy to maintain power chair or mobility scooter batteries. If you know how to maintain your wheelchair’s batteries, they will serve you for a long … Read more

How to Build a Small Ramp for Someone in Wheelchair

People who have physical difficulties with walking use wheelchairs. A wheelchair helps people with physical disabilities become mobile, more independent, and active again. Yet, some degree of dependency still exists, as a person with a disability needs a wheelchair and a wheelchair ramp to overcome obstacles such as stairs. It is important to understand possible … Read more

Bath Aids for Seniors & How to Build a Safer Bathroom Today!

Performing usual daily activities, such as taking a bath, can be a real challenge for people with any kind of disability or seniors. Luckily, a new generation brings up models that can enhance the life quality of these people. Take advantage of these improvements and enjoy in taking a bath every time you want to. … Read more

In Home Nursing Care : All You Need to Know About It

Elderly and people who are experiencing any type of increased dependency have the option to live safely in their homes. Just thought of residing in a nursing home makes some aging people feel uncomfortable or even scared. However, in-home nursing care can be a great solution here. Family members usually take on the responsibilities of … Read more