7 Super Easy to Use Medical Apps For Seniors and Disabled

medical apps for seniors and disabled

We all would use some help and back up sometimes. The world we are living in demands of us to multitask everything, without asking if our organism can bear those demands. However, thanks to medical apps, we can balance all aspects of life, including health (which, somehow, is the easiest aspect to forget about). Yet, … Read more

Best Shower Seats for Disabled : Review & Buyer’s Guide (2019)


It is not easy to come to a phase of life when even the simplest tasks seem as impossible to maintain. Taking a shower is one of the activities that might be an obstacle to your normal functioning. Luckily, shower seats for disabled bring a solution to every person that needs an additional support and … Read more

Best Parkinson’s Spoon in 2019 & Beyond (Updated)


What Are Parkinson’s spoons? A Parkinson’s spoon is a great eating aid designed to reduce the common tremors. The spoon stabilizes the patient’s hand, which provides security in movement. Why Use Parkinson’s spoons? With an assist of the Parkinson’s spoon, you will forget about spilling the food. What is even more important, you won’t stay … Read more

How to Use Bathtub Aids: The Definitive Guide [2019 Update]


Performing usual daily activities, such as taking a bath, can be a real challenge for people with any kind of disability or seniors.Luckily, a new generation brings up models that can enhance the life quality of these people. Take advantage of these improvements and enjoy in taking a bath every time you want to. Bathtub … Read more