Can People in Wheelchairs Have Sex?

Being disabled indeed imposes certain challenges in everyday life, but doesn’t make regular human needs or instincts disappear.

One of these needs is having sex.

People are usually quiet about the matter, as it would be more than uncomfortable to impose or answer this question in a face-to-face coommunication.

So, today we are eager to go in a nutshell – can people in wheelchairs have sex?

Of course, they do!

Even though some positions would be painful or unmanageable, there is a bunch of others people in wheelchairs enjoy.

Relationships, one-night stands, friends with benefits – disabled people are practicing most sexual-related activities regular people do.

If you are a person in a wheelchair, dating someone in a wheelchair, or just curious about the quality of sex life disabled people have, here is the explanation.

Do people in wheelchairs have sex with disabled people only?




People in wheelchairs date on a regular basis and have sex almost regularly.

With whom?

Well, it depends.

Wheelchair-bound people are not supposed to date, or have intercourse, with other wheelchair-bound or disabled people only.

It is a matter of chemistry, preference – whatever you would call it.

Able-bodied people have partners who are in wheelchairs, and, according to their experiences – both sides are fully satisfied with the quality of their sex life.

Indeed, some wheelchair-bound persons feel more comfortable being in a relationship or having sex with someone who is in a familiar situation, but, interestingly, a lot more disabled persons have perfectly able-bodied sexual partners.

People think the disabled can’t feel anything.

They are curious if it is possible to orgasm if you are in a wheelchair, is it possible to satisfy your partner.

Some will even question how long you can go.

Don’t bother over this.

Instead, remain silent, which will let them know how awkward the situation is.

Can paraplegics have sex?


Paraplegia is a condition caused by spinal cord injury, resulting in motor or sensory impairment of the lower extremities.

Being paralyzed certainly makes having sex almost impossible, but not completely impossible.

With paraplegia, some of the main body functions below or at the level of the injury (bladder and bowel function) affect the sexual function negatively, especially with men.

In other words – having an erection comes to the forefront.

In comparison to ordinary men, paraplegic can’t get himself aroused by just thinking about sexual intercourse.

Yet, stimulation such as changing the catheter, cleaning, or wiping can produce an erection.

The same applies to the situation when a man has bladder full.

The main factor that defines whether a paraplegic man can have sex under these circumstances is how long the erection lasts.

With females, bladder and bowel function are critical as well, while having sex doesn’t make such a challenge as it does with men.


Most female paraplegics actually question whether they would be able to have children.

What both sexes still face is the difficulty of having orgasms.

For women, having an orgasm is not necessary for having kids, but it still can spoil intercourse to a great extent.

On the other hand, using lubricants is highly recommended, as this makes intercourse more pleasurable and painless.

It is important to remember that paraplegia does paralyze your lower limbs and disables some of the body functions, but it still leaves you some space for physical pleasures.

If you persuade yourself you can’t have sex, then you won’t enjoy it for real.

On the other side, if you are willing to experiment a bit and explore your body functions after the injury, there is a great chance you will have a more than rewarding sex life afterward.

Is it possible to have sex as a quadriplegic?


Quadriplegia is a condition that paralyzes one’s body partially or fully.

It is caused by either an illness or an injury such as spinal cord or brain injury.

In comparison to paraplegia, which doesn’t paralyze arms, quadriplegia does affect arms as well, besides all four limbs and torso.

Quadriplegics usually lose both control and sensation, which is an additional lingering factor when it comes to sexual activities.

A 2016 romantic drama Me Before You brought up a lot of disability-rights and sex-related discussions, including topics that were taboo or suppressed until then, such as having sex as a disabled person.

Will, the main character of the movie, is a quadriplegic that believes having sex is simply not possible for someone living with this condition.

Sexologists got involved in the whole story, claiming feeling sexual pleasure and having sex is doable for quadriplegics.

Nobody said it would be easy to re-gain that feeling after a spinal cord injury, but sexologists are confident in their claims.

The first critical moment, if quadriplegia is a result of an injury, is when one tries to masturbate.

As this is, in 99,9% percent, impossible, that person instantly starts thinking they would have sex or experience pleasure ever again.

Actually, men with quadriplegia experience reflex erections.

Even though the erection lasts shorter than usual, it is still possible to have sex this way.

Some quadriplegics even use Viagra to prolong erections.

For females, the situation is pretty much the same as masturbation.

Yet, lube is your friend, while stimulation of the G-spot would make things easier.

The best thing about masturbation or having sex with quadriplegic females is that this type of stimulation blocks the pain and reduce spasticity.

Which forms of sex disabled people have?


Just like with regular people, penetration is only one of the ways to experience sex.

Disabled people enjoy other sexual activities as well, some because penetrative sex is sometimes not an option, others because they like to experiment.

Besides vaginal or anal intercourse, people in wheelchairs do oral, mutual masturbation, fingering, handjobs, while toys are often included as well.

Disabled people can have it and give it in many ways besides regular penetration.

Sex positions for disabled


Disabled people having sex is totally feasible if they are open-minded in regard to positions they practice.

Accessibility is about empowering ways disabled people navigated the bedroom, too.

If you wonder how do people in wheelchairs have sex, these wheelchair sex positions can help disabled people enjoy intercourses just like regular people do.

  1. Doggy style

Doggy style is not reserved for regular people only.

Those with mobility issues and use a wheelchair can turn it into a piece of adaptive equipment.

Place the wheelchair right next to the bed so another person can rely on it with their hands.

Even though named doggy style for disabled, this position requires the able-bodied person to expand their legs to the back so the intercourse is possible.

This position works with most types of conditions givers have, as the receiver is supposed to be more active here.

  1. Side oral

Sometimes, oral sex gets uncomfortable, especially with people who have spastic hips.

Try tolling over to your side and move apart your legs just a little bit.

This will give your partner more access to your genitalia and prevent any pain.

You can be the giver and the receiver at the same time this way.

  1. Modified missionary

Good, old classic – missionary position can be easily modified for a disabled person.

This position is highly recommended as one of the most pleasurable when one person is disabled and another is able-bodied.

The receiver should lay with their hips at the edge of the bed, while the giver should stand or kneel at the bedside. Some pillows below the receiver’s hips will add on comfort if needed.

Wheelchair users appreciate this position, as this position excludes the wheelchair, and makes them feel more relaxed for the intercourse. Oh, and your partner can make a sexy scene by taking you out of your wheelchair, and you should respond with a cheeky smile or a horny look.

  1. Oral sex from a wheelchair

Another way to have oral sex is to give some oral pleasure to your partner.

Your partner should lie on the bed, with half of their lower part in your lap or over your shoulders.

The rest is totally up to you two.

  1. Toys

Not all disabled people have partners or one-night stands, but they still can have their hormones working like crazy.

Sex doesn’t always include another person.

Sometimes you can take some time to play with some sex toys and explore your sexuality more.

Some wheelchair-bound persons have a lack of confidence because of their inability to fully participate in intercourse, which is why masturbating or using toys seems way easier.

Once you get more comfortable with yourself, you will be much more open to exploring new aspects of sexuality with your partner.

But hey, who said you two can’t use toys as well?

Communication, understanding, and creativity are the keys


Being in a wheelchair requires adapting your life to that condition.

Besides all of the adjustments one should make, some are related to things in the bedroom.

Of course, this doesn’t mean this aspect is less enjoyable for disabled people, but more challenging for sure.

Living with a disability doesn’t stop you from trying new things.

You and your partner should talk about your sex life openly and feel ways that work best for both of you.

Once you free yourself from over-thinking or embarrassment, you will get a chance to explore and get creative in the bedroom.

This can be much fun, we promise!

It all depends on how you take your disability and how your partner gets it.

Some can even see it as an advantage, as certain disabilities make the body more flexible.

You and your partner should both engage in your fantasies.

Different positions, toys, cushions, kinky, bondage – do whatever you like and what feels right.

You can try it out of the bed also.

If you have a power wheelchair that raises and tilts your legs, a bunch of things can be done.

Let your mind wander.

Can People in Wheelchairs Have Sex?


Now that we are talking about relationships and sexual interactions, we will dive a bit deeper into the topic of disabled dating.

Let’s be honest – dating is a challenge for regular people the same way it is for disabled people, even though it is difficult in different ways.

Finding someone you really like takes time, but it takes time to find someone who will like you back, too.

Don’t let this discourage you, as there are so many couples where one of them is disabled or both of them.

You can meet your potential husband or wife online, through friends, in a library, at a concert –basically anywhere.



Butterflies in your stomach?


Then there is no reason not to give in to that feeling.


They will always have to say something.

Some would think your partner is a hero if he/she is with a disabled person, others would say only a pervert could date a person in a wheelchair.

Yet, even though these situations are inevitable, you should find a partner who tries their best to make you not feel sad, embarrassed, or angry.

You don’t even have to explain yourself or your partner, or the situation in your bedroom, to anyone.

Just enjoy the moment, and make sure to lock in your type of person who will make you forget about your disability, as they wouldn’t care either.

Can People in Wheelchairs Have Sex Recap


No doubt, both regular and disabled people have the urge for sex.

Sex is supposed to make us feel good, but for people in wheelchairs, things get a bit complicated.

Despite this fact, you shouldn’t give up physical pleasures just like that.

Hey, millions of people in wheelchairs are married, have partners, and kids.

The main point of our article was to answer your question “Can wheelchair users have sex?” with – yes!

It all depends on your mind in the first place, as the power of thoughts is undeniable.

No matter if you have a partner or not, you can experience pleasure again and not feel guilty for it, even for a second.