Lo Aids is created with one simple goal – to make life easier for people with lack of mobility, seniors, disabled people, and their caregivers, too.

We don’t just aspire you help you live better, we want to help you make a significant difference in maintaining everyday tasks.

What is more important, we tend to present only truthful and proven information.

By reading our articles and reviews, you will get a whole new perspective of life. Dealing with disability is not an issue, but a new opportunity for you to grow.

Meet Our Team


Dayna Cooley/Owner

Dayna has an incredible passion for helping others and a keen business sense to boot. She also has a knack for anticipating the needs of her readers. She launched LoAids as a way to help her own loved ones live life to the fullest in their golden years.


Caroline Corbina/ Editor

Caroline is the Editor-in-Chief of LoAids. Along with decades worth of experience writing and editing health-related articles, she’s a former certified nurses aide. Caroline is passionate about helping seniors live their best life possible.


Ramsey T./ writer

Ramsey works as a caregiver for a 78-year-old man by day, and uses what he learns to share great tips for other seniors by night. He’s always on the lookout for amazing new mobility aids to recommend!

Claire B.

Claire is a registered nurse with experience in freelance medical writing. She is very passionate about geriatric nursing and seniors care and education (it’s her favorite area of nursing). She’s worked with many seniors in a variety of medical settings to provide high-quality education and instructions about medical conditions and proper self-care.


Elea N/ Writer

Elea spent 15 years as a health ghostwriter for various sites before realizing that her true passion lies in helping people up-close and personal. Now, she continues to write at night while she spends her days in nursing school.

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